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  1. Heated / AC Seats

    Sorry if this has been covered before but I really am not sure. I was wondering if the seat backs on our cars are supposed to heat / cool? I know whenever I run the cool seats it feels like the seat back has the heat on. Or maybe that is just my imagination?
  2. Tire Size recommendations

    Hello, I purchased a set of Shelby CS3 wheels staggered. 20x9.5 and 20x11 I have a 2015 GT 50th anniversary with the stock suspension and staggered 19" wheels on there. Could I get some proper tire size suggestions without rubbing please?
  3. Aftermarket Wheels

    Has anyone replaced their wheels? I am planning to next spring and am leaning towards the Shelby 20" Chrome Super Snake ones but they are out of stock everywhere. Any thoughts on them? Or what did you go with?
  4. Tail lights

    My Driver side rear turn signal has just gone out on the middle light. By reading some threads it appears that I have to replace the whole unit, but ours are special and won't match any more. Anyone know if there is a way to fix these??
  5. First repair time. Common issues 2015 GT

    I had to take the 2015 LE in this morning, there is a noise coming from the right front and an odor I am not familiar with. Almost sounds like a low or flat tire when driving but that isn't the problem. My guess is that it is a bearing but I'm not quite sure. I'll find out soon enough i'm...
  6. Has anyone replaced their speakers?

    The Audio section of this forum is confusing as all get out, so I was wondering if anyone here has replaced and upgraded your speakers? I understand an Sub upgrade is a must and one of the first things people like to do. Just looking for any feed back from this group if the have done anything...
  7. More Power for the LE

    Look what just came! I haven't even opened it yet but that box there is the Power Pack 2. Getting the oil changed soon and going to have the dealer install this at the same time. Can't wait!
  8. Who here daily drives their LE?

    I just bought mine and it already had 19k on it. I fully intend to drive it as much as possible and enjoy this awesome car. I know there are lots of very low mile units out there and I am glad there are people preserving a few of these models. What I want to know is who is daily driving...
  9. Proud new Owner #1401!

    I just got it the other night, to be honest the previous owner was not too kind to the paint, tons of small scratches on the car. I spent the day detailing it, much better now, with a few more spots to clean up. But it is in good hands now! I plant to keep this car for a long time. Kona Blue...
  10. Custom License Plates?

    I am picking up a Kona Blue Auto tonight! I'll post that later on. But as I prepare for that, anyone have some good suggestions on Custom Plates for these special models?
  11. Just about ready to buy until...

    So I am finally a buyer, I had convinced myself that the new A10 was what I wanted and am only waiting until spring to get mine. I live in Colorado so not much sense in buying one right this minute...But the research is well under way and I may wind up building /ordering what I want. I would...
  12. 5.2 Question

    It was stated by Ford that the 5.2 will go in other vehicles. It isn't going in the GT, nor the Raptor... Where else are we going to see this engine? Am I the only one asking this with all the excitement of the reveals? Maybe a MACH I engine but GT PP suspension? That would be...