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    A few of us from the N Tex. GT350 group are going to the TX Mustang Invasion on Saturday. It's at the Gas Monkey Live venue. Maybe we can meet up with some of you "western metroplex" mustang owners. I think we are shooting for a 6:30 AM meet time if anyone is interested. We're meeting at the...

    This class action lawsuit will dwarf the GT350 lawsuit. Potentially 30,000 cars and owners would be affected by the outcome! http://www.corvetteblogger.com/2017/06/14/gm-facing-class-action-lawsuit-c7-corvette-z06s-cooling-issues/
  3. Check your splitter after doing recall!

    After your recall is done, DOUBLE CHECK the splitter install. Most techs still haven't learned how to do it right. All of the owners in our FB group had screws that were missing from the splitter. Those angled screws at the front go for $4.45 [B]EACH[B] at your friendly local FORD store.!![B]
  4. Clutch Spring Issue.....again

    I've read many a post about GT350 (and GT) owners feeling the need to reduce the clutch spring tension or remove it altogether. In fact, it seems more have replaced it than have left it alone. I always felt that the tension isn't the issue, but rather the travel. I've owned at least 8 cars...

    Some of you 2015/2016 GT350 owners should be getting close to needing new rubber. I would like to buy two used rear tires that are OE on Tech and Track Pack Shelby's. It's better than nothing, which is what you can expect from Ford or Tire Rack. PM me and I will make a reasonable offer...
  6. Good News for West Coast Buyers

    I stumbled across this video on You Tube yesterday and, if true, means that a hell-of-a-lot of West Coast buyers are due a hell-of-a-lot money in refunds. The OP claims that all dealers in the west coast division have been told to limit ADM's on all GT350's to $5K over MSRP. He claims that...
  7. GT350 R Tire Life

    I was looking at a 350R that is on the showroom at the dealer near me in Dallas, and the new car manager told me that the cup tires on the R's have a life expectancy of only 6000 miles. Have any of you R owners replaced your original tires yet, and if so what was your mileage and the condition...
  8. Sirius reception

    I know that there is already a thread on this subject in the "Infotainment" section of the forum, but I was wondering if any of you local N. Texas owners are experiencing issues with your satellite radio reception. I didn't notice any posts in that thread that were written by any Dallas owners...
  9. The star of Cowtown Cars & Coffee on 4/16

    Welcome to the newest member of the North Texas Shelby GT350 gang. Now I want an R more than ever.
  10. License Plate option in Texas

    The following tag is available in Texas and I am seeking any and all opinions. "CRANKY". I'm afraid that only real car enthusiasts will get it.

    Can anyone recommend a reliable, experienced audio technician in the Dallas area? I need to upgrade the audio on my new GT350. Hopefully the right man can also install a laser jammer system I just picked up for cheap. Any help would be appreciated.

    I've seen a few posts on YOU TUBE from S550 GT owners lighting up their rubber right after taking delivery. Just wondering if anyone has done the same with their GT350. I've located some used tires that are the same size and still show 6/32" of tread. I figure I can make a couple of videos...
  13. $ 158,000 for a 2016 GT350. Dealers gouging

    Here are a few ads I saw today for GT 350's, not R's! $ 158,000 at Jannell Ford in Hanover, MA; $116,000 at Schaumburg Ford in Illinois; $108,000 at Future Ford in Sacramento. I turned down two offers this week for 10k over. Holding out for 5 if it kills me.