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  1. Best Harness For Roll Cage On 350R

    It’s been 3 years since install so I dont recall it vividly, but I think it was just sitting in the holes in chassis without being connected to anything. One can wondet what is the utility of such a pipe! I dont own the car anymore so I cant take a look!
  2. Best Harness For Roll Cage On 350R

    Yup... drilled through that pipe when I installed my rollbar! I ended up just taping it with duck tape since it's only a vent pipe. No issues. For those interested I have a friend who is selling set of Schoth Profi II harness (driver/passenger) that he bought for his Viper but never installed...
  3. M6G's Live Photos of the 2020 GT500 Reveal

    Button for electric E-brake
  4. New GT350/GT350R Docol R8 Roll Bar

    Nice product! I had the WR roll bar in my now sold 2017 GT350 and was happy with it, but the drilling it the floor was a bit of a bummer. If I ever get another GT350, I'll sure go this route. Quick question... can you do it with harness retaining loop on the horizontal bar?
  5. Goodridge Brake Line Kit on Production Hold

    No issues once installed. The rear lines are a bit short but they fit. Could have been an inch longer to make them perfect. Also the included banjo bolts in the rear did not fit. I used the OEM one with 2 copper washers without issues. It could have been a packaging error.
  6. Car and Driver Lightning Lap Camaro ZL1 1LE DAMN FAST

    One was at track day in Mont Tremblant last friday! Awesome car! Was in same group so I had a chance to play with the owner on the track. Straight line no way I could stay with him. In the curves I was catching up but I doubt he was pushing it... but for 210K I would prefer a GT3...
  7. Replacement line for clutch master reservoir line leak!

    Took a look at mine. Was backed about 1/2 inch with BF dripping at slightest touch. I seated it and ziptied it.
  8. Ford Performance Lowering Springs on an R

    Nothing noticeable on the track... the lower CG might make a slight difference but the spring rates between the R springs and lowering springs are similar on the butt-o-meter (anyone saw numbers for rates on the lowering springs? I haven't). Going from non-R to R (or lowering springs) makes a...
  9. Ford Performance GT350 Lowering Springs Group Buy

    The Shelby camber plates are Maximum Motorsports camber plates, just rebranded. So 1/4" taller than OEM.
  10. Water in trunk?

    Normal. Water drains from there and goes under tail lights. If you open the trunk when it's wet, you'll see the water drain. Just make sure the opening under the black tai light trim is not blocked with dirt.
  11. Ford Performance GT350 Lowering Springs Group Buy

    I did not measure but the drop does not look like 20 mm from stock. I think FP are a bit optimistic on the drop numbers. I'd say 15 mm rear and 10 mm front drop with MM camber plates.
  12. Ford Performance Lowering Springs on an R

    I have a non-R. I installed the R springs with rear sway bar in the spring. Made a noticeable difference on track, car being more stable (less roll/dive). Driveability was not affected. I just switched to FP lowering springs 2 weeks ago. Car feel is really similar but lowered. For sure it...
  13. Ford Performance GT350 Lowering Springs Group Buy

    I installed the springs last week end with MM camber plates and got it aligned. Now sitting at -2.3 camber for tight/technical/abrasive track duties tonight. For those who are shopping camber plates, the Maximum Motorsports one rise the car by 1/4" at the front by design (they add material on...
  14. Dean Martin's GT4 Mustang

    Sweet Mother of God!! Usually not a fan of red cars but this... I mean... WOW! I just cant stop staring at these pictures!
  15. GT350/Mustang Quiet Mode for Exhaust

    Yes agreed! Faster to switch between modes on steering wheel than toggle switch... turning on 4 way flashers instead of quiet mode draws even more attention! Plus you don't have to take hands off SW.
  16. Reputable forged wheels?

    18" will not fit on a GT350, unless you go with smaller rotors/calipers.
  17. Sofa Seats Are Back in 2018

    I ear ya!! Takin' wife and kids to BP for some good food in the outdoors! Next friday night = track day at icar with Viper club if you ever want to come watch! Now if only I could have that sofa seat in the picture we could go to drive-in with the GT350!
  18. Reputable forged wheels?

    Forgeline makes some great wheels in custom fitment to suit your needs. Thread somewhere in this forum with great info. I went with matte titanium GS1R in R-spec (20 pounds) with PSC2 tires and smiling since then!
  19. Sofa Seats Are Back in 2018

    When I saw the thread that's what popped in my mind!! Would have been nice to track with these seats!!
  20. Catch Can Install Video

    Always dry on DS...