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  1. intakes

    everyone gets the GEN 3 intake manifold and usually gets it ported. We all seen that it does good up against other manifolds, but they always put the ported 18 up against stock manifolds so how does a ported GT 350 measurement or a ported stock manifold. I don't think I've ever seen a Dyno pull...
  2. Is ESS really any cheaper

    I checked out the ESS kit and to be honest it's no cheaper than any other brand. By the time you add in the options that come standard with the pro charger kit or the Vortech kit the ESS kit cost just as much if not more. Options like fuel injectors, boost A pump. Tunings not even an option. So...
  3. California Forged shortblock- sold

    I have a forged shortblock for sale. Started with a new gen2 block from ford, new boss crankshaft from ford, new Mahle power pack piston kit (11.2:1),compstar rods, mhs block support kit, king bearings. Got about 5000 miles on it. Compression and leak down are even across all cylinders. $3500...
  4. Gapless rings

    I have only ever built one engine with gapless rings. I have heard a few horror stories about the gapless rings. I have also heard how awesome they are. Anyone have a opinion, advice, information
  5. California WTT tial bov

    Want to trade my tial 50mm bov for your proflow
  6. California Wtt

    Want to trade my tial 50mm bov for your proflow with filter
  7. California Wtb cylinder block

    Looking for used cylinder block, shortblock, rebuildable engine, heads, all generations any condition.
  8. Piston coatings

    I have heard that a ceramic coating on the pistons is good because it keeps the pistons from absorbing heat. Also I have heard that piston coatings can prevent the cylinders from dissipating heat causing a higher chance of detonation. Any insight?
  9. Happy thanksgiving

    Hope everyone has a beautiful day with loved ones
  10. 6r80 temperature

    What temperature are you getting? I get 200-210 regularly and that seams high.
  11. Can a tuning shop lock your computer

    I don’t believe that these companies that are tuning car can legally lock your pcm/ecu/tcm whatever you want to call it. I’m pretty sure that they are breaking some lawls. If It was my car I would speak to a lawyer and take it as far up as I needed. Once they lock the computer they are basically...
  12. Ac compressor

    Ok 2015 mustang vs 2015 f150 what is the difference between the a/c compressors? They have different part numbers. Are they interchangeable?
  13. This is why I don’t trust anyone else building my engine

    At least if I mess up I got no one else to blame. In a case like this I’m sure L&M will fix it but technically there’s no warranty on that engine
  14. Adding lights

    I’m in Northern California and have hit dear before in my other cars and would like to try avoiding this again. Can anyone tell me if adding lights to the front is legal or not. I Was thinking about a lightbar behind the grill?
  15. Boss intake $188.00

    When did the boss intake manifold get so cheap and why?
  16. Dual fuel hat

    Little while back I mentioned running two fuel hats one on each side of the tank. well Holly has this exact set up available https://www.americanmuscle.com/holley-performance-mustang-dual-525-lph-pump-module-system-1050-lph-total-12-175.html
  17. Cryo treating

    I have everything to put together a spare shortblock. Im going to use stock boss rods. We all know that they are very strong for what they are. Now what about cryo treating them? Some say it is good for making them 10-20% stronger. Other people say it’s snake oil. What do you think?
  18. Carbon fiber rods

    I wonder how they hold up over time and how much weight they save. Some company’s are starting to make these for common engines https://awacomposites.com/products/
  19. Compression test

    Hello I m trying to get a accurate idea of what kind of numbers a compression test should show on a coyote. I hear numbers of all kind so Anyone that has done a compression test I would like to hear your input
  20. Fuel pump hoses

    The fuel pump in the s550 has two hoses attached to it does anyone know what the second hose is for