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  1. Failing paint, hood corrosion

    paint flaking in channel around rear windshield, and the leading edge of the hood is showing signs of corrosion. Do I have any recourse with ford here? This car has 30k on the clock.
  2. Water leak

    Well I got in my car today and discovered a water leak near the front of the passengers side door. The door had not been opened, and the window is all the way up. We had some crazy down pour rain since last night, but I’ve never seen this before. Any ideas?
  3. OG’s 2017 Grabber Blue GT

    Well October 10, 2020 I purchased this car with 17k on the clock. My son picked it out, he’s car crazy 6 year old. I traded a 4 door Honda Accord in on this, and it’s my “daily”. Primarily used to transport my son to school in the morning. He’s a very happy kid 😁 Had some extras from the...