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  1. After 2 years, car is no longer stock...What to do next?

    I bought my GT350 in April of 2016. Earlier this month I finally started to do some minor mods and bought some accessories for the car. First set of of mods/accessories: MMD v series spoiler Steeda clutch spring Custom double helix x pipe res delete White vinyl stickers for splitter Over...
  2. How you know we drive sexy cars!

    So on Saturday I washed and waxed my car. That evening the wife and went out to go see Deadpool 2. While we were in some traffic, a ZL1 Camaro held out his Nikon camera out his window to take picture of my car. Saw him about 10 mins later, this time I was on his passenger side, and he reached...
  3. Stock CAI tube

    Does anyone know if there is a wrap or replacement tube for the stock CAI. Just looking to dress up the engine bay a bit. Thought about the JLT CAI but A. It’s not legal in California and B. Heard from many people it doesn’t fit properly.
  4. JLT CAI illegal in California :/

    Any recommendations for CAI other than JLT. Per JLT on their website, their CAI is not CARB (California Air Resource Board) exempt.
  5. GT350 Exhasut: Need Opinions

    What's up everyone. I have had my GT350 for over 2 years and have not done anything with it. I love the stock exhaust, but want to find something even deeper. All videos I have watched, I understand videos never do exhaust justice, sound good at some points, but other times are very raspy. I am...