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  1. California Forged shortblock- sold

    it was a good try
  2. Scammed by Jackson1320

    when he posted allegations how many of you asked him for proof. most of you convicted me before hearing what i had to say and only one person had the character to bring this thread to my attention
  3. Scammed by Jackson1320

    you guys act like a pack of hyenas you don't think for yourself. if he's ok with that
  4. Scammed by Jackson1320

    if he he needed it he has all the proof he needs. we have gone back and forth for a year.
  5. Scammed by Jackson1320

    i will send it to him no problem. he got me involved in his scam but somehow i did something wrong?
  6. Scammed by Jackson1320

    if it was B.S i would have just deleted my 6g account
  7. Scammed by Jackson1320

    i never denied receiving parts.
  8. Scammed by Jackson1320

    they do not need a warrant to ask for it. but i do have a receipt of everything that was handed over
  9. Scammed by Jackson1320

    bob is the old owner that lives next door to the shop and he is in his 80s and senile he has nothing to do with the shops operations anymore
  10. Scammed by Jackson1320

    also it took him 6months almost to get all the parts needed. then he says that he doesn't want to assemble the shortblock. so after 6 months of working with him, giving advice, holding on to his parts he finally has all the parts for assembly and suddenly he doesn't want to move forward with...
  11. Scammed by Jackson1320

    is that right.
  12. built short block vs rebuild vs new crate......eager to hear your opinions.

    i had not but i did my best to clear it up. thank you
  13. Scammed by Jackson1320

    had i seen this i would have been
  14. Scammed by Jackson1320

    police show up to my shop. Tell me that a bunch of parts that were sent to my shop were purchase illegally with a stolen credit card so all the parts have been handed over to Clearlake Police Department, detective Sanders. take it up wit him. I was asked not to inform anyone that the police...
  15. intakes

    you see all the high and low and lines they all get filled they ported and if you want polished but you don't need the polish. normally you can still see the imrc's even after porting. this was a 15-17 intake
  16. Running Lean on E85 Tune

    if that's true then he can add more fuel and make more power
  17. Wheel Fitment

    i have 20x10 in front with 40mm offset and 20x10.5 rear 45mm offset with 305 35 20 front 315 35 20 rear. no spacers