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  1. Safety Recall Notice 22S06/ NHTSA Recall 22V082 2015-2017 MYs

    https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2022/RCMN-22V082-6949.pdf Anyone have this issue or service? A couple of hours at the dealership seems more risky than a wonky back up camera.
  2. Littleton NH area GT350s

    Hey folks, Any of you cruising around in GT350s in the Littleton NH area?
  3. Multiyear Owners - What do you do to take care of your GT350?

    For those of you who have owned your GT350 for more than a year, what measures do you take to: 1) Take care of, preserve and protect your GT350 and 2) Are there any idiosyncrasies you do for whatever reason you’d like to pass on to new owners? I’ll start. Mine's not my daily and spends a lot...
  4. Forum Update August 28 2020 - New Emojis?

    How many are hoping for a complete revamp of the emojis? To me, there are only a few usable ones and most folks never use them. Makes M6G way too serious :turkey: It’s the little things in life...
  5. What’s a Wikipost?

    Title explains it all... Thank you for your consideration.
  6. New Hampshire 6GR 7 Spoke, GT350 R Spec Wheels - SOLD

    See thread in the GT350 Member Marketplace. Thanks, Tank
  7. More things to be happy about the 2020 R

  8. Mustang6G Stickers????

    Hey @Jarstang , Are there any Mustang6G stickers to be had? Better yet, Mustang6G GT350 stickers!! Thanks Tank
  9. Serpentine/Accessory/Drive Belt Diagram

    Hey folks, Recently a member posted a thread that said, among other things, he couldn't find his serpentine/accessory/drive belt diagram. Made me think if I ever saw one for the 5.2 before. I checked under the hood, the Mustang Owners Manual and the Shelby Supplement for all released...
  10. New Hampshire Shift Knob Collectors- A Bargain For You! = SOLD

    Thanks for looking. Anarchy Motive shift knob w GT350 pattern. Came out nice but after waiting 3/4 of a year for it, I went w something else. $50 + shipping.
  11. Iphone Xr Landscape Mode issue

    Just upgraded from an Iphone 6 to the Xr. The Mustang6G website displayed perfectly on my 6 in landscape mode but now with the Xr, the ads on the right side of the screen take up 50% of the screen. The thread titles on the left are one character per line and extend down far enough for me to...
  12. Seems Like Anarchy Motive is not defunct.

    Yeah, there's a ton of cautionary posts about @Anarchy Motive that I only say after I placed my order back in August. Seems like Derrick is a either a scam artist or very disturbed. He'll quickly answer your emails up to making an order then sporadically answer for about a month after he...
  13. SEMA 2018

    Hey Folks, There’s more buzz in the General Forum... https://www.semashow.com/why-attend?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIou7Ds-qr3gIVFITICh0ufwnZEAAYASAAEgKdM_D_BwE Anyone here going to represent the M6G GT350 group? @50 Deep @Epiphany ? The masses want the scoop, pics, rumors and innuendo!
  14. What Advice Would You Give a Prospective Buyer for Used GT350.

    Hey Folks, Like the title says, what would you tell someone to check when considering a used GT350?
  15. Lug Nuts - OEM for the Ford GT, fits GT350/R & all Mustangs

    Anybody tried these lugs from FP? If so, are they two piece like the stock ones? You'd expect a bit higher quality for a half a mill vehicle. https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-1012K-MB
  16. TEST

    Tanks test
  17. Timing Chain Service Life

    Hey folks, The GT350 Supplement Manual has the following: Timing Chain If you use your vehicle extensively at a race track or at high rpm, it is possible to exceed the service life of the engine timing chain. A wrench indicator light will illuminate when it is time for you to replace your...
  18. Upholsterers?

    Can anyone recommend an upholsterer in NH or surrounding states? I’m looking to have some leather peices swapped over to Alcantara. Thanks in advance
  19. 2.3 Eco as a truck engine

    Hey folks, Any thoughts on the 2.3 Ecoboost in a mid size truck ? Sufficient hp, torque, esp in a 4x4 drivetrain? https://www.ford.com/trucks/ranger/2019/ Thanks, Jim

    Anyone using them? Pros, cons? If you changed over, what size did you get?