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  1. Anyone using a harness bar?

    I checked with Track day organizer, AutoInterests, who I run with at least once a year, they said NO, Scroth quick pro won't pass their inspection. BMW club Buckeye chapter said yes, but must have equal safety restraints for passenger ( which I was familiar with)
  2. Toe link bushings.

    My plan is to remove the knuckle. I've never removed/replaced a hub from a axel. Any thing I should be aware of? Removing or reinstalling?
  3. Moving Mishimoto Oil cooler to lower grill opening

    Seems you've nailed it, very impressive performance. I would have followed your lead on this and purchased the same cooler if I hadn't already purchased the Mishimoto. I still may have to depending on what happens at the track. I, like you, am resistant to cut the hood, even a junkyard...
  4. Simple+Cheap Adjustable rear camber solution from Moog (K100411)

    That is why I chose to upgrade my Camber arm and Vertical links. The easy(er) camber adjustment is just a bonus. Besides, Once I get my rear camber set, I'm not likely to change it very often any way. I'm not a "real" racer, just a HPDE hack. But I love the idea of the suspension moving in the...
  5. Moving Mishimoto Oil cooler to lower grill opening

    Yes, GTP, I do recall your very innovative Approach to mounting your double pass cooler horizontally with the very nice vent you created in the belly pan. It seems your results were quite good if I recall. If I recall properly you put your cooler inline with the Stock/Factory oil heat exchanger...
  6. What do you use to compress pistons on 6 piston Brembo brakes?

    Thank you for pointing out the obvious, I had not thought of that. I switch from track pad to street pad and the Street pad is (almost) always thicker than the street pad when I swap (unless I'm putting in fresh track pads) And, I'll be bleeding the brake fluid anyway, after a track weekend.
  7. Moving Mishimoto Oil cooler to lower grill opening

    Has anyone tried moving the Mishimoto oil cooler to the lower grill opening from the prescribed placement of the upper grill opening? I'm thinking it may be better to leave the larger upper (larger) opening open for the main radiator. It looks like the Mishi supplied hoses should reach from the...
  8. What do you use to compress pistons on 6 piston Brembo brakes?

    Taking the caliper off to replace the pads totally defeats the quick change caliper design of being able to drop the pads in from the top.
  9. Rear pads, stock vs track

    I was pleasantly surprised to see how much more surface area the Carbotech track rear pad has over the stock pad. Just spitball’en but looks like 50% more surface area. Same backing plate.
  10. Rotors and pads for daily driving and light track use?

    please don’t go to the track with OEM brake fluid. Wet boiling point is 284F. ate type 200 has a 388 wet boiling point for roughly the same price. If it’s fresh (dry boiling point) is 500F vs 536 so your should be fine. As it ages, it becomes suspect under track use. The reason I bring it up is...
  11. Rotors and pads for daily driving and light track use?

    In my experience, there is no such thing as "light" track use. Like @Jstang23 above I use is the Carbotech track pads + Carbotech street pads in the front and Leave the track pads in the rear for street use. Other brands have this option as well. They have street pad material that is...
  12. BMR UCA762 + WAK761 install notes

    I like the idea of not having your rear suspension bind due to fixed bushings, so I decided to replace the rear camber link and Vertical links in my 2019 PP2. I'm most of the way through the UAC761 adjustable camber arm and WAK761 camber lock out install and wanted to share a little of my...
  13. Anyone using a harness bar?

    thanks for the heads up, I’ll check with the organizations I run with before making a decision.
  14. Anyone using a harness bar?

    That is totally awesome! I was not familiar with a 4-point system that connected into your stock safety system.. Thanks for posting this!
  15. Steeda's S550 Mustang Billet Aluminum Vertical Links Reviewed (w/ Video)

    Mine are in their way as part of the effort to eliminate rear suspension binding.
  16. lateral link removal

    I’ll have to admit, I did t try autozone, they usually don’t have what I’m looking for. I tried O’Reillys and they had one size ball joint tool, small. I’ll have to check Auto Zone next time I’m looking to borrow a tool.
  17. Steeda's S550 Mustang Billet Aluminum Vertical Links Reviewed (w/ Video)

    Those interested, these Steeda S550 vertical links are $54 off (20%) right now.
  18. lateral link removal

    Puller kit, what is that? I did rent a ball joint removal kit from the local national chain auto parts store. The tool was too small, not even close. The only other rental tool was a pickle fork, which you can make work. as to not damaging parts, sure , when you are replacing them. But at some...
  19. Switched Headlamp source

    I am resurrecting this thread, I too am trying to install a glowshift gauge. Anyone out there find how to connect your glowshift gauge to the positive 12 volt headlamp source? Upon Further digging, I found a solution. @wildcatgoal came up with a workable solution, posted HERE. Tap a wire going...