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  1. Mustang washed away in flood

    Luke 21:25 25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; 26 Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers...
  2. Car Douches???

  3. Mustang Photograph of the Month Contest – February 2023

    I posted this over on the 50th Facebook page, because I just like the Lines and Shadows on the Best Part of the Car!
  4. 2023 Mustang Nite Pony Package Announced

    For Your Daughter: My Little Night Pony!
  5. 7th gen Mustang S650 previews from chazcron! [updated with 3D models and modded versions]

    If it was like this, I’d order one….. You Can . . . If You Have The Green! Comparing Zero to 60 Designs’ work on the S550 Mustang GT is the equivalent of what we think the Mustang would have looked like if Fordcommissioned some of the greatest Italian coachbuilders to style it. What makes...
  6. Illiminated Sill Plates

    Hi Marcy! I just plugged them (The Regular Illuminated Plates, not the LE Serialized Plates) in to the Harness Connector that's supplied with the Car. I had the Tech at the Dealer Enable them with Software. Some Dealers don't want to do this, but I talked to the Service Manager at my Dealer and...
  7. GT350 will live past 2019 with GT500 engine block!

    I believe the reason to use the CPC 5.2 in the 350 is because it already exists with the Aluminator 52XS and is designed and Beefed-up to handle the 580NAHP with the CobraJet Intake. In addition, the XS was installed in Ford Perfomamce’s Mustang GT with the 6 Speed Automatic and 3.73 Rear Gear...
  8. 2020 GT500 will have two 3D-printed brake parts

  9. 2020 GT500 will have two 3D-printed brake parts

    Wait! When did Ford mention Active Brake Cooling? Front and Rear!
  10. 2020 GT500 will have two 3D-printed brake parts

    That’s kind of disappointing. I was expecting something bigger.
  11. 2020 GT500 will have two 3D-printed brake parts

    Since there will only be a couple thousand 500s made each year, at the most, it may make more sense to 3D print items that are difficult or impossible to cast. The Brake Rotors May have complicated cooling passages that are more efficient and lend themselves to printing.
  12. 2020 GT500 Will Be Revealed on Jan 14, 2019! Sneak Peek of Supercharged 5.2-Liter Predator Engine

    It’s 5.2 Liters. Heads alone won’t give that to you. You need the Block too, with the wider Plasma-lined Cylinders. Why would it not be based on the AluminatorXS? Just using the Blower rather than the Ramjet.
  13. GT350 LE...you don't see this every day!

    Yeah, Ric! That’s what my son says too. He’s using a Black and Decker Conditioner. Since the new Battery, I’ve been disconnecting at Shows and when I get home. Would like to build-in an External Power Connection, like on Aircraft, but trying to find a spot where there’s enough room, without...
  14. GT350 LE...you don't see this every day!

    Latest of Engine Compartment with Phase II Complete. Tidied-Up a bit with the Fuel Rail/Heater Hose Support Brackets Installed. May do some more Trim Updates later. Passenger Side Hood Strut removed for access to the Battery to Disconnect the Cables. Have had problems with Current Drain while...
  15. GT350 Gauge Cluster Thread

    Thinking about this for next year. With so much working on the 19s, it would probably solve 99% of my problems to activate Rear Sensors, Active Exhaust, MagneRide and Adaptive Cruise Control. And, getting back all the Functions I lost. Since I’m going more for Luxury than Performance, the...
  16. Does anyone know how to safely remove this trim piece?

    Don’t forget leaving something in the door pockets. Sounds I thought were coming from someplace else and forgot about the obvious.
  17. Does anyone know how to safely remove this trim piece?

    Rattles can also come from something in the sunglasses drawer and the vsrious parts around the Steering Wheel and the Instrument Cluster.
  18. 2018 Push Start Button to 15-17

    Not having taken apart a 2017, I don’t know what the differences are, but the button shouldn’t be s problem. Just swap it out by pulling it or take apart the console and do it the Ford recommended way. The LEDs are part of the Circuit Board, I believe, so it doesn’t matter what button is on top...
  19. 4 Door Mustang Coming soon

    Con - FUSION!