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  1. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    It came out of it's winter hibernation. Oil & filter change w/ Amsoil 5W-50 signature, brake fluid flush w/ Castrol SRF racing and installed stainless steel brake lines (front only). HPDE scheduled for April 20th. Rain in the forecast, more or less, over the next 10 days. It could be sitting...
  2. 2020 GT500 Will Be Revealed on Jan 14, 2019! Sneak Peek of Supercharged 5.2-Liter Predator Engine

    I wasn't aware of that aftermarket option for the Mustang. Now that I see it, I believe you are correct. Unfortunate, as it appears to be a base GT with a bodykit and, perhaps, suspension tweaks. It would've been a good segment to show the upcoming GT500 against its' primary competitors.
  3. 2020 GT500 Will Be Revealed on Jan 14, 2019! Sneak Peek of Supercharged 5.2-Liter Predator Engine

    I just watched the Grand Tour season 3 trailer. At the .25-.29 second mark, is that blue Mustang a preproduction GT500? There are other clips within the trailer. To me, it's not a GT350 or GT. The companion cars appear to be a ZL1 and Redeye. My apologies if this question has already...
  4. DCT would you if you could?

    For me, even it a dual-clutch transmission (DCT, DSG, PDK, etc.) was offered with the GT350 as a no cost option, I would take a pass. I certainly wouldn't consider spending $8k for a retrofit. For my 2013 M3, I ordered it with the DCT. Perfect match for that engine. Great car but I always...
  5. What's everyone driving this winter?

    Correct. The B9 model (2018 forward) is only available in auto (non-DSG). As it my DD, provided it's put into S-mode, it is a good match for this vehicle.
  6. GT350 Lease Details

    OP, unless there's a change for MY2019 GT350's, Ford doesn't offer a lease program for this vehicle. Though I suspect third-party companies will offer something. Most likely with a combination of low residuals and high money factors. Auto loan rates are still low. You may want to check with...
  7. What's everyone driving this winter?

    GT350 was put into storage last week (thankfully ahead of the 4 inches of snow received on Friday). Winter beater is not a true beater car. It's a 18 Audi S4 running on PA4's for winter driving. It's going to be a long 5 months until I next see my GT350.
  8. Mustang Mania in Merrimack NH, Anybody going?

    The 30th annual Mustang Mania is scheduled for tomorrow. Anybody going? Location is the Budweiser production facility in Merrimack NH. I will be there early morning. Accordingly, last year had around 450 vehicles. Half being some form of Mustang...
  9. The Down and Dirty ADM Thread

    My dealer had an ADM of $10k on a standard GT350. My statement to the CA, "you're nuts". Stated if he could work with the GM on a price below MSRP, I would be willing to move forward with the purchase. Roughly 24 hours later, $2,500 discount from MSRP on a new 2017 (purchased in March). I'm...
  10. Painted Front strut bar option from JLT Performance

    5.0h, thank you for posting the images for me. I like the look and will be moving forward with modification. Do you also have the coil covers? If so, did you go with AG background and black lettering?
  11. Painted Front strut bar option from JLT Performance

    OK by me. Thank you for offering to post the image.
  12. Painted Front strut bar option from JLT Performance

    JLT, do you have an image with AG, black main stripe with white? Is delivery 3 weeks upon receipt of the strut bar? If so, expedite options?
  13. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Unless it becomes a garage queen, it doesn't end. Fortunately I have Xpel on the front. Hopefully that will mitigate damage from rocks and road debris. Now the pollen is starting to rain down turning my A.G. car to a hue of yellow.
  14. Oil change....why can’t I trust the dealer.

    +1 for me. The dealer were I purchased by GT350 from offered the first oil service for no-charge. Perhaps they will do a good job. I don't have any experience working with them but I do know my local independent shop. I can be on the floor with the tech and monitor the whole process. In...
  15. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Finally passed 1k miles on the odometer. Pushed it pass 5k rpm for the first time while driving through a tunnel. The sound! Going for first oil & filter change this week from my local independent shop (Amsoil 5w-50 signature). I felt the front-end looked a bit bland. Decided to add a...
  16. Lloyd floor Matt durability

    Good recommendation. I was looking at the Lloyds mats and preferred the version with the logo. But the logo faced the opposite direction. I will be ordering a set from SE Carbonworks.
  17. Got mine yesterday! I'm blown away!

    Congrats and welcome to this side of the Shelby forum and ownership! Wait until post break-in. It should amplify the experience.
  18. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Left it with my detailer for 3 days for the works. Paint correction, Opti and Xpel Ultimate. On Sunday, along with other car enthusiasts, went on a 225 mile cruise. A combination of some interstate, back and coastal roads. Picture of our group. I was the only Shelby and Ford vehicle...
  19. Tech Pack vs Convenience Pack?

    OP, as others have referenced, the seats are the biggest difference between the packages. It will be easier to find one with the Recaro's. You need to determine if it works for you and your spouse (or just the former). Some buyers are adamant with having one type or the other. Heated &...
  20. Official GT350/R Mustang Owners Registry

    Congrats and welcome to the Shelby owners group & forum. One piece of advice, order a passenger side oil catch can. Pick your vendor of choice.