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  1. Wider Tires on Non HP

    This has probably been covered elsewhere in the forum but I can’t seem to find anything on it. Looking to go to all seasons after the 4S’s run they‘re course. Want to go a little wider though, how wide can I go on the non HP rims? Staggered set up is fine, thinking of going with the Michelin...
  2. 2023 Mach 1?

    So if the new Mustang is a 2024 model year and expected out next summer along with the Dark Horse. Have we heard if there will be a 2023 Mach 1? Will there be a 2023 Mustang? Just curious as to how that will play out.
  3. Steering Wheel Pony...Removable?

    Does anyone know if the pony on the steering wheel is removable? Can the entire inner disc containing the pony come off? I bought an insert from BadgeKing that covers the pony with the Mach 1 badge. It says it can be installed on top of the pony but I think I'd like to remove the pony and try it...
  4. 502 HP at the Wheels?

    These guys are getting 461 and 502 horse power at the wheels for a stock Mach 1. Can that be right?
  5. Engine/Transmission Whine

    So I'm driving on the highway today and I noticed a high pitched whine all of a sudden coming from the engine. It's not very loud but something that was not there before. definitely gets louder and lower with the speed of the car. Doesn't happen when coasting in neutral so I'm thinking it's...
  6. Pilot Sport 4S to Pilot Sport AS

    Curious to find out from Mach 1 owners if anybody switched their Non HP car to Pilot Sport All Seasons or some other high performance all season tire. If so how much of a difference in handling is there. I use my Mach strictly on the streets and will never track it. I do like to take it out for...
  7. Largest Markup Yet!

    It's not even a premium! $40,000 ADM.
  8. Blank screen

    I noticed when scrolling through the trip/fuel screens there’s 1 screen that comes up blank. It starts with the fuel economy screen then tire pressure then a blank screen then trip 1 and then trip 2. Is this normal? Why the blank screen?
  9. Cueball shifter

    The cueball shifter is made of plastic, no? Certainly feels like it. Any options out there that are made with better material?
  10. PPF on the hood

    So setting up an appointment next week to PPF the hood, the plan is to cut around the stripe. Saw this online today. Thoughts on covering the stripe and making it glossy? I'm undecided but leaning towards leaving it matt.
  11. Made Some New Friends This Morning.

    Made some new friends at Cars and Coffee this morning.
  12. Ford Taketh Away And Now Ford Giveth

    First they raise prices and now they’re offering $1000 credits. Unbelievable. Not available on the Mach E or Bronco. I’d be really surprised if it’s available on any Mustang. https://www.carscoops.com/2021/06/ford-will-pay-you-1000-to-patiently-wait-for-your-new-car/
  13. Franklin Mint

    It would've been better if you got to choose your color...
  14. Not Quite As Limited As I Had Hoped

    Found this FJG Mach parked next to me at the local supermarket. Spoke to the owner and he told me that there's a Velocity Blue Mach 1 roaming the streets in our neighborhood too. Not as limited around here as I thought.
  15. 2021 Bone Stock Dyno

  16. Nannies

    Please tell me there’s a way to turn off active braking where it doesn’t default to on every time I start the car.
  17. Picked Up My Iconic Silver Mach 1

    Some pics of the new Mach!
  18. Ford Announces New Temporary Production Shutdowns

    I wonder what kind of impact this will have for our Mach 1's. Mine has been showing "in Production" for about 2 weeks now. https://www.carscoops.com/2021/04/ford-announces-new-temporary-production-shutdowns-due-to-chip-shortage/
  19. Production numbers

    Any guesses as to how many Machs they will make in 2021? 2022? Just curious as to what you guys think....I know, as many as they can sell. So how many do you think can can sell?
  20. Learned a couple of things today

    Local dealer had a Mach 1 in the showroom so I went to look at it. First off, the car looks fantastic in all the pictures I’ve seen but doesn’t come close to how beautiful it is in person. It’s absolutely breathtaking. Secondly, FJG is really nice but I thought it would be darker and I wasn’t...