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  1. GT FS: Brand New GT350 TB

    Hello fellas, I have a brand new Ford Performance GT350 TB I want to get rid. Asking $180 shipped any state. Will update pictures when I get home.
  2. Bullitt IM swap 18+ GT

    Hello guys. I'm about to start the swap in my car. Wondering if any of the few guys that have done it, may help me a bit with line routing and if I need any extra parts? I currently have the manifold with the vapor valve that goes on top and the side one for catch can.
  3. Help locating a intake manifold vac part number

    Hello guys, would be really appreciated if someone can help me with this. Been look around and haven’t find anything. The Bullitt IM where you connect the catch can to it has a little stick that is attached with a fastener. I need the stick and the fastener. Calling it a stick cause I have no...
  4. First time down the strip with the 19 Stang

    Well guys, I decided to take my car to the track for the first time. 2019 GT A10 Premium magnaride full optioned. Car was run with FULL interior and 5gals of E85 at start. Honestly, I was just looking to get an 11.9 but ended with a high 11.5. My best speed was 124mph so I guess the time can be...
  5. Pic Request: Aftermarket wheels with GT350 BBK kit in Mustang GT

    I know this is something a few people may have. I currently have a set of FP PP2 wheels still in box and just found out they don't clear the upgradable GT350 brakes kit for the GT. I'm wondering if anyone here have the BBK kit and what wheels are you running with specs. Thanks in advance...
  6. GT WTB: 18+ Black OEM Hood Extractors

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for factory black hood extractors for 18+ model. I want the set to be perfect or almost ;) so hit me up price with shipping to 00926. Thanks in advance!
  7. Headers and E85

    Hello guys, recently bought the ARH long system for my 19GT and just found out, some headers tend to damage O2 sensors with E85 due to the placement and moisture. Noticed some headers have the O2 positioned in a 45angle+ but ARH doesn't do this. What should I get to manage the issue that doesn't...
  8. PIC REQ: Lowered PP2 with OEM wheels and 325 in the rear

    I plan to get rear 325 tires for my car but I have doubts if lowered, they rub in the rear. Anyone with this setup can post picture and confirm if they rub or not? Springs I got are the GT350FPMag. Tires I plan to buy are the Pilot 4S.... I have seen some in stock ride height btw...
  9. Ford Performance PP2 wheels in Gloss Black now available

    Well guys, I just ordered a set for my car. They look super good in person. There was one set here in one of the only two authorized Ford Performance dealers in the island but were sold already. Hopefully they will arrive in around 3-4 weeks time!!
  10. Photoshop Request

    If not much work, can someone add the factory PP2 wheels painted in black, the PP2 front Lip, a small drop and RTR rear spoiler gurney? I will try and find a PP2 in VB side profile pic to help and make it less of a job...
  11. Ported GT350 in a 18+

    I was wondering if someone have done it and what results they got. I have a ported 18IM I got for my 50thLE but since now I have a 19, I'm debating if wasting the time to install it or sell it and get a ported GT350IM.
  12. Stock 18+ Ported manifold results?

    Happy new year to everyone reading this. I have been wondering if anyone with an actual 18+ GT have ported their stock IM and what results you got? I got a ported one that I got for my 15 but since now I got a 19, was thinking about swapping it when I get my PMAS intake. Wanted to see what gains...
  13. New 19 owner

    Well, finally made the jump to a 19. Been negotiating with my sales man for almost 3 months. Got a nice trade in value for my 50th Aniv LE so decided to pull the trigger in a 19. Was looking originally for a Kona Blue with Blue stitching interior but honestly, I fell in love with this color too...
  14. 2015 MyFordTouch 3.7 can't be updated

    Well guys, I decided to update for the first time my system but encountered an issue. I was looking at a video on how to do it, the person showed an option in the radio that said Vehicle Health Report. While I went to look for it on my system, I don't have it displayed in the Vehicle tab. Went...
  15. Another PMAS No-Tune Dyno Result!

    Hello everyone, I lend my intake to a friend of mine that works on Mustangs locally to test the intake. Couldn't use my car due to work shifts. Test car is a manual PP car completely 100% stock. Have in mind test was done in a Mustang dyno so numbers are low. Enjoy the results! He said that with...
  16. Weird ticking noise at cold start

    Morning everyone, I recently started hearing this weird ticking noise every time I cold start the car. Any idea what this could be? The sound start at around 4sc. I will record another video and capture the sound more clearly. [ame]
  17. Strange Tick Noise Eng or Transm

    So today, when I got out of work and warming the car, I noticed this weird noise when I was in 1st gear and starting to move. Since I park next to a wall, I decided to accel the car a bit in gear and there was the sound. I put it on neutral and there was the sound again. It happens between 1k-2k...
  18. Worm kinda stain in wheels

    Hey guys, Car is a 15 LE I bough new around 1 month ago. I was washing the car today when I noticed the stain. It was not there the last time I washed it. Any idea what can be the cause and if it will be covered under warranty?
  19. New to the family with #508

    Got it a few hours ago at Puerto Rico sticker. Super happy with it!! Got a couple of mods planned but they will be super simple. Wheels, exhaust, a drop and maybe intake.
  20. RACE RED GT350/R Thread

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