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  1. Epic Car Ad

    Seen on my local Facebook Marketplace: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/934043547358828/ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Here is the text in case you don’t want to click through: “ Fiesta ST: the fastest slow car in the world. Do you live to terrorize Miata and BRZ owners? Do you want literally zero...
  2. Epic Idaho Drive (and Photos)

    This weekend I attended the awesome Mustang Day Cruise put on by the Treasure Valley Mustang Club in Boise, ID. It was a great cruise (and got to meet up with @Idaho2018GTPremium ) - but, the next day was truly epic. A lot of people think Idaho probably looks like Kansas: flat, for growing...
  3. Jack / Jack Stands ?

    Anyone want to chime in with Jack / Jack Stand recommendations? I had to sell mine a couple of moves ago - and now it’s time to rebuy. I’m planning on going with 4 jack stands - ramps have never been all that natural to me (but I’m interested if you have a strong preference on that too). Thanks!
  4. Anyone in Idaho?

    Just wondering if there are any Idaho peeps out here. I'm in SE Idaho myself... not too many 'stangs over here (seems like very few S550s too).
  5. Professional Ceramic Coating - Which Would You Choose?

    Wanting to get my new GT ceramic coated - and I don't want to do it myself. Found a local shop that is well-renowned and certified by Gtechniq (the guy is apparently a "trainer" for Gtechniq). He gave me 3 options: 7 Hardness / 3 year warranty: $750 9 Hardness / 5 year warranty: $1300 10...
  6. Grinding When Letting Off Clutch

    Just got my manual '19 GT Base with PP1, AE, Safe and Smart. Absolutely LOVE the car... but I am hearing a grinding/scraping sound when shifting at higher revs (+5k). I showed my dealer the video below yesterday - they have contacted Ford about it. Note: I have driven manuals for over 20...
  7. Good deal on a 2019 GT Base?

    Found a '19 new on the lot. It's a magnetic metallic (grey) base GT with a 6-speed. Upgrades are: 1. 301A (dual zone and Carplay) 2. Safe and Smart (adaptive cruise, etc.) 3. Active Exhaust 4. Performance Pack 1 MSRP: $44,240 Since it was on the lot a long time - I was able to get it...