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  1. After 2 years, car is no longer stock...What to do next?

    Coolant reservoir is on my list already. The stock one is such an eye sore! Going to finish the engine bay by the coolant reservoir, then JLT fuse box & painted strut bar with stripes.
  2. After 2 years, car is no longer stock...What to do next?

    For everyone who suggested wheels...I know the stock wheels are heavy, but I am running the MPSS still and the size of the tires make it very limited as far as wheels go, and just replaced all 4 tires about 1500 miles ago. Anyone have a suggestion who makes wheels for the stock offset?
  3. After 2 years, car is no longer stock...What to do next?

    Haven’t heard of the rear cradle lockout, but that is defentiely a must now. Wheel hop is crazy at times on this car.
  4. After 2 years, car is no longer stock...What to do next?

    Not legal in California either. But lots of people have them. Just like tiniting your front windows is illegal but everyone does it. Cops don’t say anything unless you are doing something else illegal (speeding, running stop sign, etc).
  5. After 2 years, car is no longer stock...What to do next?

    I am actually a fan of the stock wheels (other than cleaning them with all our brake dust haha) The G-trac brace was not something I have though of yet, but just looked into it, and that is now on my list. Appreciate it.
  6. After 2 years, car is no longer stock...What to do next?

    I bought my GT350 in April of 2016. Earlier this month I finally started to do some minor mods and bought some accessories for the car. First set of of mods/accessories: MMD v series spoiler Steeda clutch spring Custom double helix x pipe res delete White vinyl stickers for splitter Over...
  7. Ran Into An "R" yesterday

    People on this thread complaining and trying to figure out how to make their car more quiet on start up. Meanwhile, every time I start my car I can’t open my exhaust valves fast enough to make it louder. My wife and son always say goodbye to me in the garage when I leave for work, and both plug...
  8. Carbon Fiber Track Pack Spoiler--comparison?

    Pictures don’t do it justice. The lines match perfectly with the car. I did go from the tech package tiny little lip to this, so that could be part of why I like it so much ;)
  9. Question Tegarding Clutch Spring

    It’s personal preference. If you are happy with the stock than no reason to change it out. I personally like the feel of the steeda spring. I was fine with the stock spring with the exception of going first to second gear. Never could get a smooth shift from 1st-2nd. Steeda spring is more...
  10. Carbon Fiber Track Pack Spoiler--comparison?

    I went with the MMD v-series spoiler. I think it’s the best looking spoiler for our car. The lines of the spoiler match really well with the lines of the car. Here are are some pictures of it (just phone pics as I just installed it last week and washed and waxed the car after the pics)
  11. How you know we drive sexy cars!

    If I didn’t need a back seat, I would prob be driving the corvette ZR1.
  12. How you know we drive sexy cars!

    I understand your point. And I do love cars. I am a fan of the ZL1 1LE, it is a badass car. But there is no other car I rather have than ours that’s under $100k, and I have owned a lot of cars lol.
  13. How you know we drive sexy cars!

    I mean I have people take pictures of the car while driving all the time (STI, Honda’s, other mustangs, etc) but this was the competition taking pictures lol. Camaro ZL1! I just had to laugh and share with you all.
  14. 2019 GT350 Widebody

    I have seen some pictures of the digital dash and looks really freaking awesome!! Hoping that I can install that on my car as well one day.
  15. How you know we drive sexy cars!

    So on Saturday I washed and waxed my car. That evening the wife and went out to go see Deadpool 2. While we were in some traffic, a ZL1 Camaro held out his Nikon camera out his window to take picture of my car. Saw him about 10 mins later, this time I was on his passenger side, and he reached...
  16. Daily drivers: highest mileage gt350

    Mine is a daily driver, and just hit 24,000. Have had 0 issues other than some rock chips because California roads are so bad.
  17. Stock CAI tube

    Does anyone know if there is a wrap or replacement tube for the stock CAI. Just looking to dress up the engine bay a bit. Thought about the JLT CAI but A. It’s not legal in California and B. Heard from many people it doesn’t fit properly.
  18. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I was told it will keep the exhaust from being too raspy and a bit deeper. I have to agree. Stripe pipe red delete is too raspy imo.
  19. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Over the last week i have done a couple things: Custom double helix x pipe res delete White letters for front splitter MMD V series rear spoiler (huge upgrade over the lip from ‘16 tech package) I also did the Steeda clutch assist spring. Not really picture worthy but...
  20. Painted Front strut bar option from JLT Performance

    Sounds good. I’m all in then! :clap2: