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  1. Rear drag pack alignment?

    I was wondering do I need an alignment I haven’t seen anyone else do it haha Probably a stupid question but I just put 305/45/17s on my rears with 255/35/19s with stock wheels on the front and I plan on daily driving it . I was wondering should I do an alignment so the thread last longer & any...
  2. Rpm's Jumping / Car turning off while idle

    Hey, I've been having this issue for awhile now but could never find out what it is, im going to take it to a mechanic in a few weeks but want to get some input & figure out what the issue is the rpms jump up and down when im at idle or stop while driving sometimes. For examples when i stop at...
  3. Gas Petal Stopped Working On Freeway 10r80

    I was driving on the freeway with cruise control on at 70 out of nowhere i heard the car making some weird noises and it started i guess "stalling" im not sure how to describe it but the gas petal stopped working and the check engine light turned on i pushed the gas petal all the way down to see...
  4. California Lund Ngauge Unlocked $450 OBO

    Selling my lund ngauge bought it brand new its fully unlocked & comes with SD card ready for use. $450 OBO willing to ship if you pay for shipping
  5. Clicking/Clunking Sound from rear/front brakes

    I've been having this issue for awhile and can't find the issue. whenever i shift into reverse or drive it makes a weird clunky kinda sound not sure what it is and sometimes whenever i start the car i hear a little ticking sound coming from the passenger side of the car I've checked it sounds...
  6. California 2018 JLT Intake $180

    its been sitting in the garage for awhile looking to sell it it only has around 100 miles on it came off my 2018 5.0 looking to get $180