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  1. Charger Owners.... Whats the best Mopar Forum?

    I picked up a 2020 Charger wide body in Hellraisin yesterday. It's a ScatPack not a Hellcat. For those with Chargers / Challengers....what is the best forum to sign up for to converse / learn about these cars. Car porn below.....
  2. No Adaptive Cruise??

    Why go thru the effort of installing CoPilot360 on these and then leave off Adaptive Cruise as an option?
  3. Mach 1 Car Cover

    I picked up my car cover for the Mach. The cover says "Bullitt" on the box. Low and behold it has the "Bullitt" logo on it as well. Does anyone have the correct PN for the Mach cover and pics of the cover?
  4. My new JFG Mach1 Premium is here

    Got my new 2021 Mustang Mach1 Premium this afternoon!! She is more beautiful in person than pictures portray....
  5. Couple of small issues, how many others have these....

    I absolutely love this car and I am having a blast driving it. I have noticed a few issues..... I have noticed that the car can only take 11.5 to 12 gallons of gas. I have run the car down to almost nothing left in the tank....per the mileage calculator. This car is supposed to have a 16 gallon...
  6. Newbie Impressions to the 2020 Shelby GT500

    I picked up my Shelby last Friday evening. I've been working alot so I haven't managed to put too many miles on it. Out where I'm working there are too many wild critters running about. I just wanted to share some impressions of the car in the 322 miles i have driven it..... The positives: 1.)...
  7. Well.... I'm back in a Mustang. Its a Black Beauty 2020 GT500

    Well I happened upon a 2020 GT500 that was ordered and the person was unable to take it due to a health issues. Mine was awaiting allocations to be ordered. I got the call last night that it was mine if I wanted it...... I did!!!
  8. Looking for previous owner from FL VIN# 1FA6P8JZ9H5520445

    I'm looking at a used GT350 that is for sale at a local dealer. Something looks odd about the fit of the rear bumper cover. I did a VIN# check and it shows no accidents....at least none reported. Does anyone know if the owner of this car is on this forum? VIN# 1FA6P8JZ9H5520445
  9. Political Ads on the Website......

    Do we seriously need 8 ads for the Florida Governor candidate Gillum on the same damn page?? Damn.... I get enough of this crap from Robo calls and stuffed into my mailbox DAILY.
  10. ForScan experts please!!!

    I have worked with my local Ford dealer to get all the required parts for putting the active exhaust system on my new 2018 Ecoboost Premium PP car. Only outstanding issue would be enabling it with ForScan. How do you know which bits to enable to make it active? Is it possible? My VIN#...
  11. Cloth Interior vs Leather

    For those of you that opted for the clothe interior in your Mustang....Do you regret it? How is it holding up?
  12. New 2019 Ecoboost w/PP 10 speed automatic

    I went today and looked at a new 2019 Mustang GT base with Nav. While I was there I test drove a 2018 Ecoboost with PP and 10 Auto. I was really surprised with how quick that car was compared to the 6 speed Auto I drove in the past that my sister owns. Who has gone from the 2015 - 2017 GT to a...
  13. GT350 as a DD...Yes or no?

    So I have the opportunity to purchase a GT350 with 3319 miles on it. I am changing jobs and losing my company car. If I buy the GT350 it would end up being my DD. Other option is to keep my 2015 Mustang GT 50th LE and purchase a low dollar DD. I do about 35k miles a year. Who is daily driving...
  14. Brandon Ford - 3 Tech 2016 GT350 cars

    Brandon Ford in Brandon, FL has (3) Tech Package 2016 GT350 cars Oxford white with Blue stripes Avalanche Grey with Black stripes Magnetic Grey with Black Stripes All for $5K ADM I'm waiting on my 2017 which is supposed to be built this week :headbang:
  15. Welcome my sister StangHeat and her new 2015 Mustang Ecoboost in TY with 50th AP

    Mustangs are a family affair for us. My sister and I have owned Mustangs for years. Our mom also. Today my sister traded her Mustang in on a new 2015 Ecoboost in Triple Yellow in Premium trim with 50th AP. Her username is StangHeat and here is her car
  16. Nasty status Noise - At the dealer now

    Here i a short video of what my car sounds like on startup. Anyone else have this type of sound? Car has just over 9500 miles and this sound started with about 1200 miles on it and I was told then it was normal. At that time it just did it for a few seconds and no where near this noisy "][/URL]
  17. What would you do......

    I ordered my KB LE way back in May '14. i waited the wait and delays and finally got my car and I haven't stopped grinning ever since. This past Friday I went for an MRI because my doctor thought my health issues I was having were related to a bad fall I took last year. I went for my nerve...
  18. LE #1141 and my buddies car

    We both drove our cars to the job site yesterday.
  19. License Plate Fastening

    When the license plate was put on my car I noticed that there is no protection to keep the lower half of the plate from touching the car itself. On my new 2015 Fusion their are rubber nipples already on the trunk for the 2 lower plate holes to rest on so it never touches the car. I went ahead...
  20. Chrome wheels on Kona Blue LE??

    I'm not big on chrome wheels but damn these are beautiful!!