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  1. Ford Stampede...Flamborough (Hamilton/Burlington) Ontario - Aug 29th

    http://fordstampede.ca/ For all in the GTHA...usually a great show! Lets hope for decent weather...
  2. Anyone own a GT350 with as many stories as this one? (and wow the marketing strategy too!)

    This GT350's Carfax has quite a storied history...makes a lemon “buy back” look good! https://www.momocars.ca/inventory/2017-ford-mustang/7054328/ https://vhr.carfax.ca/?id=Bixbtl4tDRQ1gQCK6HpNq0w5iFJFS3jS
  3. Oil Udder? No more plastic grocery bag for our oil filter changes?

    Apologies if this has been posted previously... Came across this and ordered one...if it saves me a) the aforementioned and still messy grocery bag process and b) drilling a PIA drain hole in the bottom of the filter...it will be well worth the money. https://oiludder.com/ Anyone tried...
  4. Ford Stampede - Ford Canada HQ Oakville

    www.fordstampede.ca July 28th 2019 Usually a good time! Pre-registration ends July 24th.
  5. Canada - Ontario 2015 and up PP Calipers - 6 Piston Brembo (New) -SOLD-

    I have a pair of 6 piston Brembos up for grabs, never been mounted. I’m close enough to NY state that I can ship anywhere in continental US (as well as Canada). $375 USD plus shipping. Thanks for looking...
  6. Ford Nationals - Carlisle PA June 1st

    Any here planning on attending? Looks like some stuff from FP will be there...
  7. Ford Stampede - July 29th Ford Canada HQ Oakville

    Any 6g’rs planning on attending? www.fordstampede.ca Nice show for those who haven’t been before.
  8. Orange "Lemon" For Sale?

    Sorry for not being able to post the link...but Orleans Ford, Medina NY has a low mileage Comp. Orange for sale $56k...Carfax has it branded as a lemon/manufacturer buy back. VIN 1FA6P8JZ8G5525246 Originally sold in PA, anybody know the history on this? First "lemon" GT350 I've seen.
  9. Canadian GT350 Availability

    Not sure if this dealer was asking an ADM...but the writing might be on the wall with 21 available for sale for our relatively small population! Crazy... And offering price reductions! www.sherwoodford.ca
  10. Bring back the SVT Network?

    Ok so as a Canadian (where the SVT dealer network still exists, and the only place you can buy a Shelby) I have to wonder whether having the "Network" would have eliminated so many of the issues I see happening to my friends in the South? Problems I have seen that weren't even an issue to me...
  11. Oil Filter Wrench?

    Can any repost the specs on the proper wrench required for our (motorcraft) filter? I remembered someone posting a picture of the wrench and package but that photo is now unavailable. I believe the motorcraft is a "14 flute".
  12. GT350 Floor Mats

    Just throwing this out there...when I first bought my Mach1 there was someone supplying very classy and quality front mats for the car with the Mach1 logo... I've seen the Cobra head version available for our cars...not my thing...would prefer just GT350 as it appears on the fenders...
  13. Ford Performance Hood Struts

    Has anyone installed these on their GT350? I have seen differing suggestions that the do or donot fit our cars. Sorry if I missed this in a previous thread.
  14. GT 350 "Shaker" audio?

    Just poking around cars.com and noticed an interior pic of Race Red Tech Package that had a "Shaker" branded audio system...I hadn't noticed this ever before and wonder if it's a running change? The listing is at Grand Prairie Ford in Texas Tried to upload a pic but was denied for some...
  15. Front Fender Fit?

    Had a look at an OW in a dealer showroom, couldn't help but notice that two of the forward fender mounting bolts (left and right side) had "touch-up" paint on the bold head and shoulder and also on the flat surface area. The paint was white, but flat compared to the other fender paint. Through...