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  1. Spotless Rinse

    I only use it to rinse
  2. 2019 Mustang GT (Manual) auto rev matching

    coming in late - just wanted to say that this never happens to me in my 2019 GT. It always rev matches, every time. My suggestion: get a dealership to look at it under warranty.
  3. Adventures In Oil Changes

    The government does have a role in making sure that people are not exploited. People with money command a lot of power over those without it. The government should be there as a backstop to make sure that doesn’t get out of hand. What do you think the minimum wage is for? Why was it initially...
  4. Adventures In Oil Changes

    Businesses that can’t pay their workers a livable wage don’t deserve to exist. Either your service is valuable enough that your customers will pay enough for you to pay your workers properly… or it’s not and it shouldn’t exist. If you can’t find a way to make your business work (including...
  5. Adventures In Oil Changes

    You answered yourself in your own post. $10/hr in 1990 should mean $20/hr now (inflation has been roughly 100% between 1990 and today). If it’s paying less than that then you are going to have a hard time finding someone to do the job. Finding “deals” is good - and going to Five Guys is...
  6. Adventures In Oil Changes

    Absolutely - geographic disparities in the price of goods can cause people and work to move around. This is exactly why "offshoring" happened: companies could build things cheaper elsewhere... so they did. It's fine to seek out the price you want for the goods you need. Just be aware that you...
  7. Adventures In Oil Changes

    I love how you are in here decrying a job as a "simple task" and simultaneously the thread is about how important these jobs are. Note: the price of a task (or anything for sale) is not directly proportional to how "complicated" it is. In a free market (let's not debate on whether we have one...
  8. Adventures In Oil Changes

    You just proved my point: that minimum wage jobs are not worked by teenagers and therefore should be paid a livable wage. If you cannot exist (rent, groceries, gas, etc.) and work the job... then there will not be workers signing up for it.
  9. The Last Person to Post in this Thread WINS

    I don't get it. Shouldn't a website coordinating the healthcare of hundreds of millions of people be more expensive (and important) than putting up some ineffective steel at the border? What is your point?
  10. red light

  11. Adventures In Oil Changes

    “If you want to make a living, don’t work minimum wage jobs! Those are for teenagers!” fast forward… “Get back here and change my oil and flip my burgers for pennies!” … What we‘re seeing is a market adjustment to the fact that you cannot live in the US and make minimum wage. The wages for...
  12. Regrets in Buying Mustang, It's Too Nice!

    Put it in track mode to turn the nannies off - it can get loose real quick
  13. Regrets in Buying Mustang, It's Too Nice!

    Seriously? My 2019 GT PP1 with a 6MT feels pretty dang raw. It doesn't feel all that different from my '96 Mustang or my 2002 WRX (which was one of the first ones they brought over and wasn't at all refined). I drove 700 miles in the mountains over 2 days last weekend... and my body...
  14. Pulled over for/gotten a ticket for stock GT350/R exhaust?

    I said it in the other thread recently: but I can't see any of these tickets holding up in court. Here is the current California law: Note the SAE Standard J1169 May 1998... You can see a preview of that standard here: https://www.sae.org/standards/content/j1169_199805/preview/ There is...
  15. magnetic sheet as 'ppf'

    In front of the rear tires is where I would put it. Mine collects dings there more than anywhere (but I have Rock Blockz on which do a decent job of protecting some of the other usual spots, like behind the rear wheels).
  16. Can a case be made for leaving it bone stock?

    I have done: floor mats, rock blockz, jacking rails, clear bra, ceramic coat, and iPhone mount. The last mod I'm planning on doing is window tint. After that: it will stay like it is until the powertrain warranty runs out. At that point, I'll consider it a "hobby" and start messing with it...
  17. Regrets in Buying Mustang, It's Too Nice!

    You are not at all weird. I love sneaking peaks at mine in the garage on days when I'm not driving it. Before I bought a Mustang I spent a year driving all kinds of things: Porshes, Jaguars, Mazdas, etc. I really thought I wanted a Porsche... but once I drove one I realized that it's not...
  18. Drive mode on base S550

    It REALLY does NOT require 301A for AE. Go to the configurator right now and try it. You can select AE in the "Exterior" section without it selecting 301A. Here is a screenshot of the summary for the car I just configured like that. Note the 300A and the AE!
  19. Drive mode on base S550

    You absolutely can get AE on a “base” car: both with 300A and 301A. I have it on my 301A. Sport mode on my 6MT definitely changes the throttle mapping - much more responsive vs Normal.
  20. Got my first ever 'muffler' ticket haha

    You can get the same effect in a manual by holding down the clutch. It won’t let you rev past like 3k… There is no way a ticket would hold up in court. Even if there is a dub meter. The SAE specifications for exhaust volume measurement (which states, including Cali, use in their law) have a...