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  1. California PP1 Stock wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - 600$

    Hey do you still have these by any chance? I live near lake forest
  2. Rear drag pack alignment?

    off topic but your car looks sick bro!
  3. Rear drag pack alignment?

    Update: I had the alignment guy check he said that the alignment was fine & was perfect to drive but I I am getting a lot toe wear but he said it’s normal for these type of cars. So I guess if you throw on a drag pack for the rears you don’t need an alignment but I will be going back with some...
  4. Rear drag pack alignment?

    Thank you bro! I live in Cali haha there’s curvy roads everywhere imma try the bmr drag alignment tho and see how it is
  5. Rear drag pack alignment?

    I was wondering do I need an alignment I haven’t seen anyone else do it haha Probably a stupid question but I just put 305/45/17s on my rears with 255/35/19s with stock wheels on the front and I plan on daily driving it . I was wondering should I do an alignment so the thread last longer & any...
  6. Rpm's Jumping / Car turning off while idle

    Update: The cars running like its brand new! huge shoutout to @NGOT8R & @njweatherman for the helping me out! I replaced the VVT Solenoids, Intake Filter and installed MMR Lockouts. Cars running super smooth haven't had any issues so far! The car feels like its brand new again.
  7. Stainless Power Hi flow cats gas smell

    Did you ever find a solution to the rotten egg smell? I just got cat deletes and whenever i let the car sit for awhile i come back and it smells like rotten egg but after driving it goes away. i was thinking i had a leak or something or it normal to smell that bad
  8. Idle goes rough randomly. Stock tune..

    it is! especially in this heat 😂 thank you i was getting confused between the two haha. Just placed my order hopefully it fixes everything up
  9. Idle goes rough randomly. Stock tune..

    thank you! im currently fbo e85 i have a open air intake so that might be the reason to its 105 outside in cali! is there any differnce between the vvt & vct solenoids? I can't find ant vct solenoids for 2018+ mustangs
  10. Rpm's Jumping / Car turning off while idle

    Should i get VCT Solenoids. or VVT Solenoids. i can't seem to find any VCT's for 2018 mustangs
  11. Idle goes rough randomly. Stock tune..

    I'm currently having the same issue i know this is a old thread but where did you buy your VCT Solenoids? I can't seem to find any for 2018+ online might have to stop by the dealership
  12. Rpm's Jumping / Car turning off while idle

    Trying to find some VCT Solenoids right now I'm going to have my mechanic checkout the IMRC's i think im going to order the lockout kits to thank you for the advice! I will keep this thread updated when i get everything installed and checkout just incase anyone else has the same problem. One...
  13. Rpm's Jumping / Car turning off while idle

    thank you for the feedback! I’m going to check those two things out hopefully it solves the issue
  14. Rpm's Jumping / Car turning off while idle

    Hey, I've been having this issue for awhile now but could never find out what it is, im going to take it to a mechanic in a few weeks but want to get some input & figure out what the issue is the rpms jump up and down when im at idle or stop while driving sometimes. For examples when i stop at...
  15. Gas Petal Stopped Working On Freeway 10r80

    Late reply but yup! your righ that was the issue my battery cable was super corroded just got it replacement have't had any issues since! It also solved by problem where my battery would do if i don't turn on the car for a couple days.
  16. Gas Petal Stopped Working On Freeway 10r80

    I have been having issues with my battery, if i don't use the car for a few days the battery would be comeplty dead. last time i had to call triple a to get a replacemnt battery. Went to the dealership about it and they couldn't find anything maybe thats one of the causes.
  17. Gas Petal Stopped Working On Freeway 10r80

    Thank you so much that would be great. Looks like that the p0430 code was for the cats im going to be going catless headers soon so that shouldn't be much of an issue the UO140 im not to sure i did some research looks like it might be a loose wire or something? going to check it out today...
  18. Gas Petal Stopped Working On Freeway 10r80

    I did fill up before leaving but its the same station that i always go to im going to to go re-test the e85 agian tomorrow and see if maybe the e85 has changed or something.
  19. Gas Petal Stopped Working On Freeway 10r80

    I didn't get a wrench or anything it was super weird i just pulled over, turned the car off and started it back up when it happened and its been working perfectly fine the pass few days did a couple hard pulls to haven't had any problems. I went to autozone because the check engine light would...
  20. 2018+ rear bumper on 2016?

    The 2018+ have different headlights it wouldn't fit unless you get the 2018+ headlights im assuming seen a few people with it tho