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  1. Gt500 design on blipshift

    I ordered that on Wednesday.
  2. m1 issues yet?

    I have 1200 miles on mine and had it since March. No issues. I have the Tremec 6speed.
  3. Franklin Mint

    Has anyone who actually ordered from Franklin Mint received theirs yet ? I ordered mine in May and still have not gotten it.
  4. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    My FJG after a detail.
  5. New 2021 GT500 Delivered

    Congrats on your new ride.
  6. Velgen Wheels - Now Serving GT350 Fitment

    Will these clear the calipers on a 350R ? Thanks
  7. How I got to my Mach 1

    Congrats on your Mach1.
  8. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Here is my FJG
  9. Anyone lowered their Mach 1 yet ?

    I lowered mine with Steeda Magneride springs.
  10. Roush Mustangs....

    Thats a good deal on a RS3. I paid 72k for my 2020 RS3.
  11. Mach1's in the Wild

    I have seen 1 FJG and 1 Black Mach 1 and I am in Mission Valley.
  12. Mach 1 Owners Kit is for real

    I got myMach1 owners kit yesterday via FedEx.

    I'll play. Here is my 2019 R. KR278.
  14. Let me introduce chassis number M1454

    Congrats on your Mach 1
  15. Franklin Mint

    I just ordered mine. Thanks
  16. New 16.8lbs Wheels

    Congrats OP, Nice wheels.
  17. New owner