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  1. May I introduce to you the newest Rolex 24 instructor, 16Kobra

    OMG…I had to look twice! For a fleeting moment I thought you were talking about @95CobraR…lol Anyways Congratulations 🎉
  2. Auto Headlights Won’t Turn Off

    And…you could of ghosted the thread and left us all wondering about “the head light guy”! Good on you!
  3. Muffler failure not covered by Premium care extended warranty?

    Why not consider the FP/Borla offerings? They use a premium stainless at a much more reasonable price.
  4. Rear Brake Light

    Connect with Benny (Levittown Ford Parts) found elsewhere here in the forums…he will hook you up with the right part at the right price based on your VIN. Eliminate the guess work.
  5. My almost 4th year with a GT350

    I’m Jonesing….😜
  6. My almost 4th year with a GT350

    This thread is the gift that keeps giving!
  7. My almost 4th year with a GT350

    Anyone else here wondering when @95CobraR is going to ask for assistance in locating an engine builders signature plate? :cwl:
  8. Mustang Photograph of the Month Contest – June 2023

    The Orange Snake “hatching”…miles of smiles to come!
  9. My almost 4th year with a GT350

    “Take me to your leader!”
  10. Fuel stabilizer

    Thanks for the added medical advice…
  11. Fuel stabilizer

    Hmmm interesting question, the only thing I can add to the conversation is that I’ve used stabilizer over the winter since day one. I believe the first few years was a product called K100 and the following years StaBil. I top off the tank before storage with Shell Gold which is ethanol free...
  12. GT350 Touch up paint on fender bolt and fender seam from factory?

    Adjustments to the fender were normal, these were made at Flat Rock. Touch up paint was common. I have it on mine, paint is more of matte finish. Hope this helps.
  13. Looking at a Quick Jack and need advice

    I’ve left my ‘16 up in the air every winter on my QuickJack for at least 5 months at a time…so far no issues.
  14. Door Cup Handle Part number needed

    Suggest you have a ford parts guy plug in your VIN, should give you exactly what you need…try Levitown
  15. GT350/R Long-Term Reliability

    Get off your wallet and show us some pics…when and if it ever arrives!
  16. Rocker panel rattle

    Yessir…crosswind made it more obvious, took me a while (and this forum) to figure it out.
  17. Oil Change situation

    I’ve never had this issue…however I’ve changed my own oil every time. If having it done somewhere, I would add a friendly reminder of the torque spec sticker on the oil filter itself… On another note, haven’t experienced a filter shortage lol!