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  1. Still have wheel hop - bmr lockout solid diff bushings

    Hey Kelly, I thought you normally recommend TCA045 vertical links for most people who want to upgrade.
  2. Steeda's S550 Billet Rear Shock Mounts Are Finally Here!

    Many thanks to the Steeda guys (Mike, Matt and Jaime) for their excellent customer service. The mount with the loose bearing needs to be replaced, it's too loose if you can move it around with your finger. If you mistakenly get one of those, don't install it, just call Steeda and they'll fix you...
  3. Steeda's S550 Billet Rear Shock Mounts Are Finally Here!

    I recently received and installed my shock mounts and like a few of you, I'm getting that slight clunk/noise on one side at low speed going over small bumps in the road. I noticed before installing them that the mount making the noise has a significantly looser bearing than the quiet one. As in...
  4. FRPP Track package help.

    Thanks lugz, I appreciate your help and input. Thoughts on using stronger end links?
  5. FRPP Track package help.

    Thanks for the replies. Yeah, I don't see how lateral locks would affect handling any differently than built-in lateral stops like on the BMR, Steeda, Eibach, etc. Whiteline doesn't have stops, but they include locks in their kit. Trying to understand Ford's logic. Any vendors have insight to...
  6. FRPP Track package help.

    Has anyone with lateral locks on the front sway bar experienced adverse handling?
  7. FRPP Track package help.

    So I have the Ford Performance Track Handling package, and my front sway bar also shifts laterally to where it hits the front subframe at the sway bar's 90 degree bend. It only hits when cornering hard, but it can stay in that off center position. I contacted the Ford Performance Tech Line, and...
  8. BMR Tech Tip: Clock those bushings after lowering your S550!

    Nice! What's your method to get the car up on the wheel cribs? Do you use the drive-up ramps that pair with these?
  9. Adding some compliance & softness back in

    Yes, my car clunks with the BMR BK051 inserts and CB005. I'm keeping them on for now though and will see how it goes. Gibbo, really appreciate your posts!
  10. BMR differential lockout kit Bk051 review

    75W-90. I really didn't notice much gear whine before or after the swap.
  11. BMR differential lockout kit Bk051 review

    I too hoped a fluid change would minimize the clunk. Swapped to BG, but unfortunately didn't notice much of a difference. I'm keeping the BK051 in for now, but has anyone successfully eliminated the clunk/thud without simply removing their diff bushing inserts?
  12. BMR differential lockout kit Bk051 review

    I don't get a hum or vibration, but after the BK051 install I now have some occasional, noticeable clunking while shifting in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I think it's the same clunking documented in other threads. Anyone successfully reduce the clunking while keeping the diff bushing inserts? I like how...
  13. How many miles are on your 50th Anniversary LE?

    5600 on mine. Not a daily driver, but I try to take it out a couple times a week.
  14. Illiminated Sill Plates

    Thanks again for the help! Really appreciate it!
  15. Illiminated Sill Plates

    Thanks for the info Nemesis! So all I need to install the illuminated sills in a 50th LE is the harness (included with the new sills) and the ScanTool OBDLink correct?
  16. Official S550 Mustang Owners Registry

    2015 Wimbledon White GT, May 26, 2015
  17. Steeda's S550 Mustang Clutch Spring Assist 35 lb/in - Now Available!

    Installed mine today, feel is much better than stock! If you're having a hard time compressing the stock spring, just get more leverage with bigger vice grips or pliers. Steeda directions are good, nothing broke! Easy! Thanks Steeda!
  18. Steeda's S550 Mustang Clutch Spring Assist 35 lb/in - Now Available!

    Order placed! Looking forward to the change.
  19. Steeda's S550 Mustang Clutch Spring Assist 35 lb/in - Now Available!

    Hey David, I went to order one of these but the cheapest shipping option to CA costs the same as the spring. I don't need $99 worth of stuff right now for free shipping. Any other options?
  20. 50th anniversary welcome kit

    Hey FordService, PM sent. Hoping you can look into my Flat Rock pic also. Thanks!