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  1. Brake Fluid Change?

    Order some brake fluid test strips and then decide.
  2. Brand New S550 owner, car pulls right under accel?

    Look up BMR alignment specs. And go get it aligned. 👍
  3. Intermittent Dead Clutch Pedal

    Drop a blue pill in the tank😜
  4. SOLD. Motorsport Tech 23/25mm wheel spacers

    Located in Rockledge 32955 $150 shipped $125 picked up
  5. Florida MOTORSPORT TECH 23/25mm wheel spacers

    Located in Rockledge, Fl 32955 $150 shipped $125 picked up
  6. New Jersey WTB - 2016 5.0 GT Intake manifold

    I have a F150 intake I never used. Do a search. It will give you a nice boost in torque. $150 shipped
  7. Best Spacers

    I have a set of Motorsport Tech 23/25mm I just on off my garage kept low mile car. Do a search on wheel spacers. People say they are perfect for your wheel setup. Send me a message if. Interested.
  8. 2015 Premium GT Brake Squeal at Low Speed

    I have a 2015. I solved it by; when brakes are cool use a strong blast of water from a hose to wash out all the built up brake dust. Hose the calipers and watch the black water stream out. if it’s bad enough you might need to spray some kind of wheel cleaner in the Caliper area. i have showed...
  9. Want to upgrade to Chrome Wheels

    I have 20’s Stock. If I were to buy a replacement. I would do 19”.The ride is not horrible. Im on 275/35//20 Michelin. But, 19” would allow me to get a tire with a little more sidewall for a better ride.
  10. Do I need camber plates for a 1” drop?

    Bolts are fine. Save your money.
  11. Noise "clunk" after billet shock mounts..

    Same problem with Steeda mounts. Been running them for 5 years No change. Right side only. 🤷🏻
  12. Rear drag pack alignment?

    it’s hard to answer. Without knowing what your running now. But, Google BMR Drag alignment. I run my rears with .08 camber and .013 toe each side to get maximum tire contact patch on my street car. This was with stock camber adjustment. I have nice even wear. I also live in a very flat state...
  13. Wheel lug torque

    You guys that don’t do 150 are funny. You realize the amount of force to go from 120 to 150ft/lbs is nothing. I was one of those guys originally. Thought to myself. No way 150. They are going to snap. Didn’t realize that the difference from 120 to 150 is nothing. And, use very very little anti...
  14. 2018 evap code

    yes. With a flashlight and the first flap pried open. Don’t worry about the wd40 going into the tank. It is such a small amount and will dilute with the gas. 👍
  15. P0456 Small evap leak typically happens when tank about half full

    There is another flap about 5” down the filler neck. That is the one that gets build up. Use a long screwdriver to open the first flap so you can get to the 2nd one to clean. Use a flashlight. You’ll understand it when you see it. 👍
  16. 2018 evap code

    This code is a common problem since Ford has gone to capless fuel set up. There are 2 flaps. Outer that you see and an inner about 5” down the neck. It gets a little dirt and creates a evaporate leak. Google it. Easy to fix with some WD 40 and a rag. No need to replace anything. 👍