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  1. Best Lowering Springs for Magneride

    FP M-5300-W. FP has other 5300 series springs but I guess only the W is for their magneride equipped vehicles so technically speaking you are correct. I modified my original post to be more precise. I am not Matt but I believe the question was for me. I'm JB.
  2. Best Lowering Springs for Magneride

    After narrowing my choices to BMR, Steeda, and FP I opted to go with the FP M-5300-W Lowering Springs only because if I have any future issues with magneride the ford dealerhip service can't claim that aftermarket springs caused the problem. Now, this is was individual choice (my car is only a...
  3. Sqeaky brakes after lower spring install

    This was exactly the problem. All is good. Thanks again!
  4. Sqeaky brakes after lower spring install

    ok. I'll check that. thanks for the feedback.
  5. Sqeaky brakes after lower spring install

    I recently put on a set of FP W Springs and my brembo brakes are squeaking quite a bit. Is this normal after having removed the calipers and rotors and reinstalling? I mean I dont see what I could have gone wrong since they only fit one way. Thanks!
  6. PP1 Wheel Spacers

    ok thanks.
  7. PP1 Wheel Spacers

    I've decided to replace my wheel studs in the front so I can run a 25mm spacer on my stock setup without the additional spacer fasteners. Given that magneride has longer studs upfront from the factory (I don't know how much longer), should I get the ARP kit that is 2.9 or 3.5 in long? I want to...
  8. PP1 Wheel Spacers

    I had the same problem. It seems something changed at some point during the recent model years. I have magneride and that could add to the variation. In any case, steeda's 20mm would not work on my MY2020 with PP1, magneride, and stock wheels without some kind of modification (stud or wheel)...
  9. Costco Tires

    That kind of damage is completely unsat and inexcusable. I would definitely talk to the store manager and not let it go. I've been getting Michelin tires from Costco for many years without a single issue. Sorry to hear you got screwed like that.
  10. PP1 Wheel Spacers

    Thanks for info. What my post states is that the Steeda 20mm did not fit the front wheels. I did not try the 20mm in the rears but perhaps I should. Are the pockets deeper on the wider rear wheels??
  11. PP1 Wheel Spacers

    I really appreciate the extra pictures. I had ordered one set of 20mm spacers from Steeda and it turns out they don't work with the stock PP1 wheels without trimming the studs or drilling out the wheel pockets. I was only going to do the front to bring them more inline (or more squared)with the...
  12. PP1 Wheel Spacers

    When I look at these 2 pictures it looks like the wheel gap is smaller on the 1st picture. I can also tell the first picture is older than the second one because of the temp plates and dealer badge. So, did your suspension settle somewhat or is this an optical illusion? I have a 2020 PP1 with...
  13. Costco Tires

    I replaced my stock Michelin Pilots with AS3+ last month at Costco and had no issues whatsoever. I have a PP1 staggered setup. The Costco near my house in Northern VA has Hunter state of the art equipment (they only lack the ability to do road force balancing which I wish they did) and it's...
  14. Best Performance All Season Tires for Stock PP Wheels?

    I just switched to Michelin AS3+ last month on my new Mustang with PP1 that I picked up in Dec 2020 and the only difference I can tell is they don't ride as smooth as the Pilots. I expected that due to the tread blocks being more pronounced on the AS3+ (especially on brand new tires). Other than...
  15. Introduce yourself!!

    Hello, Picked up this beauty last month. 2020 with PP1, magneride, and perf exhaust. Have always wanted a Mustang with a 6 speed and finally got one. Planning several mods to include blacked out emblems (done although not in pics) and lowered suspension. Also swapping out to Michelins A/S 3+...