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  1. Staggered or Squared Setup?

    Offset is goin to be the biggest issue. Depending upon how wide your current rear wheels are the offset may be to much unless you add spacers and then you will need to watch out for fender rub.
  2. Staggered or Squared Setup?

    For just a daily I would go with squared to prolong tire life due to rotating them. Even for track use squared gives you better tire life due to rotating tires. Although you can flip the tires on the wheel with staggered to prolong tire life. A lot will depend upon if the tires are directional.
  3. Tire recommendations

    Here’s a thought, since youll have two sets of wheels when you get the new ones, why not have a winter set of tires on the stock ones and some good summer tires on the new ones?
  4. Wheel bearing noise?

    My money would be on the hub. My RR went out with only 1000 miles on the car. Didn’t sound like any bad wheel bearing I’ve ever heard. Went through Al the steps you mentioned and finally just changed the hub assy. Noise is gone and been good for 17000 miles now.
  5. Are Nitto N555 G2 really that bad??

    Could be the size. I’m running 305s on all 4.
  6. Are Nitto N555 G2 really that bad??

    I've been running them for 18k miles now as my daily tires. As a drag tire there are much better tires. Hitting corners on a twisty road they do just fine. I've run them on autocross and track and they do ok, my falken rt660s are waaay better though. As for rain I've never had issues. I've...
  7. Mustang gt vacuum gauge fluctuates when cruising steady throttle

    Is the air fuel gauge fluctuating also? I had an 18 GT that did the same thing and after ford had it for 6 months and changed everything that didn’t involve going into the engine they bought the car back and put a new engine in it. One of the mechanics thought it was a cam phaser but ford...
  8. Which fluids and when?

    My two cents worth is that it depends upon what you do with your car. A daily car can go way longer without changing those fluids than a track car that sees high brake and engine temps. I’ve changed brake fluid on a car that still had the original 1978 fluid in it. It stopped when the brakes...
  9. Wheel lug torque

    Go with 150 as required. These guys that are picking their own torque are just asking for lug nuts to fall off.
  10. Battery advice

    Pull the battery and take it to an auto parts store and have them load test it. Some just die young. Just had one die at 2.5 years old.
  11. Is MagneRide a must have?

    I’ve had two mustangs without MR and my current one has it. For a daily or mountain road fun I love it. If I was building a race car I’d go without it. It does well on auto cross and road courses but I’d rather spend my money on a good coilover step up for track use.
  12. Pictures in Race Mode!!

    At the 2023 Ford and Shelby nationals in Tulsa.
  13. Nitto nt555 vs. Firestone fire hawk Indy 500

    I’ve been using the nitto 555g2s for my daily tires for 18k miles now and have no complaints. They are wearing good, no road noise, and ride smooth. Mine are 305/35/19 squared. They have done well on fun twisty rode runs too. I’ve had them on the track and for what they are they corner well...
  14. New Steeda Website Issues

    I had the same issues. Wouldn’t take my password so I had to reset it, and my build list is gone, even the name of it was gone so I had to create a complete new one.
  15. Wheels question

    Maybe they won’t fit the cars with Brembo brakes up front.
  16. Tips on stripe removal?

    I’ve removed some and a hair dryer worked just fine. Even sitting it out in the sun before pulling them will help. You’ll still get some glue residue but not as much as pulling them cold.
  17. Very newbie question.. sorry

    I have a PP2 and I’ve never had to recal my tpms. It will learn on its own. I don’t think you’re gonna like the way these will poke out and definitely need rock damage protection. I’d actually be surprised the front even fit. The PP2 has magneride which allows a little more room. And as...
  18. Question for Ceratec Users

    I’ve been using ceratec since my first oil change and I just add one bottle to the 10qts. No issues at all, and no tick.
  19. Rotor damage - Beechmont Ford states this is normal?

    Those do not look normal to me. And if the ford dealership said they are normal and to keep driving then you can bet your last dollar they are jacked up. Looks like the rotors weren’t manufactured correctly.