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    Finally lowered the car and did some misc suspension work, feels great
  2. Any Mustang mechanic shops or work from home mechanics in the LA area?

    I would take your car to GTR High Performance in Rancho Cucamonga, probably an hour east of you but worth the drive. They know their stuff.
  3. Which shocks with Steeda springs?

    I'm also interested in the Pro Actives but curious if they have any reliability issues vs. the Pro Actions. If I recall correctly I think I saw more negative reviews for the Pro Actives. Not overwhelming by any means, but with any new product there's usually some kinks to work out.
  4. Steering Wheel Removal Help!

    You're not the only one, it took me an hour of wrestling with those pins to get the damn steering wheel off. Tried flathead screwdriver and alan keys. Screwdriver did the trick.
  5. 2018+ 10R80 (A10) - most recent TSB’s in here

    So, if I understand correctly, regarding the 10R80 whine when warm, Ford says don't worry about it? It's so loud... Maybe I just need long tubes to drown it out. Took mine to the dealer last week, they said they couldn't hear the noise and that the trans "looks good". I asked them to swap the...
  6. 2018 GT MT Weird High Pitched Noise

    Did you ever fix this? I have the same noise
  7. Screeching noise when accelerating/letting off the throttle

    Thank you for this! Will check my catback. Where was yours rubbing at?
  8. 2019 Mustang GT intake noise?

    Did you ever solve this 100%? I have the same exact noise and wondering what the fix is
  9. 10R80 Squeal / Whine When Shifting @ High RPM

    For some background, I have a 10R80 with almost 60k miles. For the last 10k miles I've owned the car, there have been no abnormal noises. I am aware of the quiet squeal that happens at idle and DI noises, but the noise I've developed over the last 3k miles or so is concerning to say the least...
  10. Virginia Oxford White PP1 OEM Spoiler

    Good luck with the sale. Let me know if you decide to ship, would love to find one of these in CA
  11. California WTB: Corsa Extreme Double Helix X Pipe

    Title says it all! Let me know if you have one you want to get rid of
  12. Pennsylvania Corsa Extreme 3" double X pipe

    Is this still available?
  13. California 2019 California Special OEM 19" Five Spoke Wheels.

    Hey I'm in LA and can pick these up. PM me if they're available!
  14. FS: 2015-2017 Corsa Extreme CB (SOLD)

    Would you sell the X pipe alone? I already have the mufflers
  15. FS: Corsa Sport Catback exhaust, weathertech floor mats, oem pads and rotors for sale. Bay Area.

    Would you be willing to sell me just the Corsa double X pipe?
  16. Anyone down for Angeles Crest?

    Totally forgot about the fire in the area. We may need to postpone. :frown:
  17. Anyone down for Angeles Crest?

    Sorry for the late reply! I can make a Wednesday work for sure.
  18. Flow master outlaw waaaayyy to much drone.

    Simple and cheap solution is find a stock catback or suitcase and sell the Outlaw to offset the cost. Better, more expensive solution is Corsa catback :like: