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  1. My first ever trip to the drag strip

    I feel that the tuner did a fantastic job.
  2. Need help designing the transition between wrap and paint

    Glad someone shares my opinion. For me, it all started with the calipers. I didn't want to paint match simply because I was trying to be obnoxious, and ended up blending my own shade of purple. It's pretty slick, where it looks purple in the sun or show lighting, but the shade or overcast...
  3. My first ever trip to the drag strip

    I posted in another reply. Those are amazing times! I had basic traction control off.
  4. My first ever trip to the drag strip

    LTH E85 flex tune Lowered 19x10/11 wheels It has the 10R80 and 3.55 gearing.
  5. My first ever trip to the drag strip

    I agree. I think I'm happy with how the car performed overall. I need to get better both with my nerves and knowing my car.
  6. My first ever trip to the drag strip

    First trip with street tires. I had a really late start off the line from being so nervous. Welcome to any pointers.
  7. Need help designing the transition between wrap and paint

    My friend called me after this cuz he knows the dude with that car hahaha. Small world.
  8. Need help designing the transition between wrap and paint

    I am, but not in an attempt to be an influencer haha. I just post the shit I've done so I can always look back like an organized log. I do follow him and laughed when I saw someone else rocking the purple. Just found this one:
  9. Need help designing the transition between wrap and paint

    So I had a bumper repair which yielded a slightly lighter color twister orange than OEM, and I think it is due to not perfecting the mid coat in the tri coat process. It looks great, and I feel bad going back and asking for a respray (I will be visiting them when warm enough to drive again), but...
  10. What do y’all do for a living?

    Just exited my 20s and am in upper management with a popular company people people probably see consistently. Went to school for computer engineering then switched to economics. The econ allowed me to move up pretty quickly in this 10 year run so far. The biggest win is knowing finance. Paid...
  11. Help Moving on From Crash

    The shop quoted me $6,200 and this includes a frame pull and test even though I don't think there will be damage. Of course... that's what they all say. I was debating swapping the taillights for Striker lights or buying them and tinting them before installation.
  12. Help Moving on From Crash

    I'm taking it in tomorrow. The quarter panel has one dent in it once I buffed everything out. It'll need repainted on the end by the taillight, the bumper will probably need a full replacement, and I think the trunk will need to be realigned (if possible). I may replace the taillights with...
  13. Help Moving on From Crash

    I didn't touch the brakes lmao. That'd be silly.
  14. Help Moving on From Crash

    I attempted staying in but almost immediately went to feather because it kept moving out in the wrong direction and the last thing I was planning on doing was hitting someone else. No overcorrection or anything. I had basically corrected completely which is why just the back part kissed it and...
  15. Help Moving on From Crash

    Wondering if I could get some guidance from others who have been in my situation. I took my car to the track to test out my new tune and modifications, and in typical mustang fashion I ended up slipping from 1st to 2nd and the rear end kicked out. I was able to recover the initial break and...
  16. Personal Testament to G2 Caliper Paint

    It has been 2 years and 14,000 miles including up and down Pike's Peak. The brushed on G2 caliper paint has held up exceptionally well. And it has stayed clean. Here are some photos. This color is my own blend. Link to product
  17. Nobody likes Mach 1's

    That'd be pretty cool. The car is as fast as I want it to be now, so maybe I'll throw some cash at some more exterior things. I think I'd rather get a stop the hop kit to work on my own development/education first. I get to foot a $2k bill for my 2003 Silverado tomorrow first. Getting that...
  18. Nobody likes Mach 1's

    Couple things: I bought a mustang because I wanted to learn about mechanical and auto detailing I love the 18+ front end. The 15-17 is terrible in comparison. That's my own opinion. The Mach 1 is good too. Money isn't a factor. I've already surpassed the Mach 1 price, but have had a ton more fun
  19. Nobody likes Mach 1's

    For me, I don't care all that much because I bought a mustang to modify it. When I see a Mach 1, GT350, or GT500 I see a collector car. It's nice, but in my own eyes I wouldn't modify it so I don't really look for what has been done to it. The GT trim is when I would be asking the owner a...