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  1. A sad day... RIP GT350

    That’s what I ended up replacing her with. I’m happy with the purchase, and the GT350 was certainly a fun car, but it was time for something a bit nicer on long trips.
  2. A sad day... RIP GT350

    I kinda got wrapped up in the whole selling and I neglected to take any photos before I let her go. I looked all around everything and couldn’t tell she had been damaged at all. I am impressed with how good a job the shop did.
  3. A sad day... RIP GT350

    The accident showed up on carfax, but not any of the free reports I could find. Carfax listed it as a minor front drivers side accident. The note I left did not link to this thread, only my email so I could get the owners supplement sent to the next owner.
  4. A sad day... RIP GT350

    Webuyanycar.com thread in the general section has details of the sale. I feel like I did well on the sale.
  5. WeBuyAnyCar

    I just sold my GT350 to these guys today in Kansas City. She was a 2019 with 10350 miles, one owner, SC2 tires with under 2k miles left on them, and an unfortunate incident with a tree. Carvana had quoted me $49500, and I ended up getting $54900 from webuyanycar.com. I tried to get a quote...
  6. A sad day... RIP GT350

    Well I sold the old girl today. I hid a little note for the next owner in the GT350 supplement in the owners manual package, so hopefully they find it. The body shop did a wonderful job putting her back together, but it was time for me to move on.
  7. WeBuyAnyCar

    This was the site I was looking for a couple weeks ago. I am also seeing $5k higher valuation than carvana and CarMax. I will be making the drive with my car soon, and will report my findings for sure.
  8. A sad day... RIP GT350

    Well I am expecting her to be done at the body shop in the next week or two. I talked to the body shop Tuesday and they said she was ready for paint and should be done soon. Other than CarMax and Carvana, does anyone know of any other car buyers that pay decent for cars? Carvana is quoting me...
  9. GT350 SC2 Tire Life Based from Tread Depth

    I have 10.5k on mine and based on what I see, the fronts have about 2k left on them and the rears are about to show cords on the insides.
  10. A sad day... RIP GT350

    All the damage on the front end is in the crumple zone area. The front frame rails definitely bent, but all the bent metal is in front of the repair point on the rails, so the structure is still intact and square. The guy at the body shop actually showed me where the repair lines or cut lines...
  11. A sad day... RIP GT350

    Well my body shop finally got around to beginning the repair. They are sitting at $35k parts and labor to fix her. It’s all cosmetic damage. The structure is still solid. Who knows how long it’s going to take for them to get the job done. I have no idea how available or not the parts are...
  12. Sad, possible loss….

    I’m in a similar situation with my GT350. See “A Sad Day” thread in the gt350 section for my mess. I’m at over 3 weeks and still waiting on the full estimate from my repair shop. My insurance told me it’s 70% for a total loss, not 50%. Sorry to hear about your misfortune, and good luck with...
  13. A sad day... RIP GT350

    Collision is what the insurance adjuster told me. I don’t know if that’s right or not, but that’s what it is going on.
  14. A sad day... RIP GT350

    Well the body shop finally had a chance to start taking things apart and came up with a preliminary estimate of $27k parts and labor before they have looked at the under side of the car on a lift. The shop said there is actually a spot on the front frame rails that appear to be designed as a...
  15. BREITLING, ROLEX, TUDOR, OMEGA, anybody into high end watches?

    Picked this up about a month ago. I’m a huge fan of the spring drive watches.
  16. A sad day... RIP GT350

    My seat of the pants guess was 25-35. Body shop guy guessed 30-35 without taking anything apart. I couldn’t do anything but laugh at the situation once the tow truck pulled the car out of the neighbors yard.
  17. A sad day... RIP GT350

    The body shop is finally looking at it today. I’ll post up what they come up with for a damage figure once I hear from them.
  18. A sad day... RIP GT350

    I did the online carvana offer and disclosed the damage and the need for tires. They quoted $50,500 so that’s the minimum I would take for it once it’s fixed. 2019 with 10,500 miles. Tech pack, handling pack, comfortable air conditioned seats, factory car cover with a tiny hole for the battery...
  19. A sad day... RIP GT350

    I’m selling it 100% because of the damage. I’m one of those guys that will be hyper-aware of any squeak, shudder, bump, and wiggle, and it would drive me crazy. I was also starting to look at something a bit more civilized on long trips. After three years of owning and driving, it seems like a...
  20. A sad day... RIP GT350

    The hill was pretty steep, and my house is up the hill and across the street. Both myself and the body shop guesstimate the speed at impact of 30-35 mph. No broken glass, no airbag deployment. Doors open and close perfectly and still line up with the fenders. I was actually quite amazed at how...