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  1. Wengerd Tuned

    Put together a 2018 Mustang GT with a Fresh Built 5.2 Predator block twin turbo with Fresh built Turbo 400 transmission. Being tuned by a top mustang tuner the car just would not run correctly. Have some friends using this same tuner and they are making the switch as well. Car would not pass...
  2. Comp Air Cooled Turbos

    Who has these installed? No oil lines, no water lines makes easy install and easier car to work on. Mine are enroute will be here this week. https://www.compturbotechnology.com/ct3693s-ac
  3. Clutch Paks 10r80

  4. 10R80 Swap with Overdrive

    That can handle 1200 WHP? The Turbo 400 ($6-8,000) seems to be a common swap now. But 70 MPH with 2800-3000 rpms is a bit extreme for me. Any other ideas out there?
  5. 18" Wheels that clear 15" BBK

    As the title says looking for wheels 18" that clear 380mm/15" BBK Wilwood to be specific.
  6. Turbo Blankets w/Journal Bearings Sleeper Kit

    I just bought a pair of blankets to try and see if there is any improvement in transmission temps. $200 for the pair for good quality. The turbos are in the same place the Ford put the Cats and cats get very hot. These are not for highway driving as the air moving keeps everything cooler of...
  7. Hellion 6266s Sleeper w/Screamer Covers

    First would like to thank John,Jeff,Hoyt and Phillip at Hellion. Customer service is on target. Kit was in my hands within 14 days after payment. Great bunch of guys. Last Saturday temps here in DFW were 72 degrees with sunshine car was manageable as far as traction on 7-8 lbs. 10r80 with this...
  8. What Happened to Kenne Bell?

    Looks like they have fallen off the charts for the 2018 GT
  9. Super Charger Belts

    I am having a hard time finding the Gates Green belt and the Gates RPM belts are way to short. What other brand are you guys running besides Gates? Looking for either 101" belt or 101.5" belt
  10. BMR/Ridetech issue

    Lower sway bar end link is touching the strut body. I read the other thread where BMR was looking for a solution. Did they ever find one? I was forced to run a steeds bar on my 16 GT because of this.
  11. Vortech JT High IATs

    Anybody running this blower ever look at your IATs? 24-25 degrees over ambient while just cruising. Did a pull 85-90% throttle and in about 6 seconds temps were at 168-170. Recovers well but need a better IC. Had I floored this bad boy temps would have easily been in the 180s. Temps were 94-95...
  12. Swapping 2018 GT Thermostat

    Did this on my 2016 GT but am not finding a thermostat for the 2018 GT not an option?
  13. 2018 GT Auto Trans Running Vortech V7-JT Competition Kit

    Any members running this setup?
  14. Issues With MMR OPGs?

    Any members here seen any problems with the MMR Oil Pump Gears? Such as low oil pressure? Or other problems? Not trying to start a war just some honest feed back.
  15. Vortech JT Trim Reviews?

    Looking at this S/C for purchase. Pros n cons? Price is right no doubt. looking 900/800 hp/tq any input appreciated in advance. Like the fact of no heat soak.
  16. LPF Kit Installed

    Want to thank Justin at LPF for a bit over 4 week delivery on Turbo Kit. Car pulls hard. Way way way harder than the Fools Gold VMP Gen2-R. I am on waste gate 7psi. And will be installing boost controller here soon. My shop was very impressed with the quality and ease of install of the LPF kit...
  17. LPF Turbo Kit

    For any of you guys that are looking for a twin turbo kit look no further. This kit is real. And owner of LPF (Justin) is the real deal. He has almost what I would say would be a cult following and for damn good reasons. I ordered the kit on June 8th and received the kit last thursday July 13th...
  18. Best turbo tuner?

    After listening to some GT guys and researching got to ask who is turbo charged and how is your tune? Drivability?
  19. Just Got Home From Dealer

    Got me a Stangggggggg. I am so happy. First 5.0 I have ever had. I have a bunch of buddies with same car but they are boosted. I have an extra $25,000 to blow on this bad boy. The suspension really blows and the exhaust is to quiet. Any rim suggestions? Want to stay with 19"s :headbang: