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  1. Anyone running Steeda dual rates with Apex 19x11 fronts?

    Don’t know as I got the wheels at the same time as the Goodyear’s and AP Racing rotors and calipers.
  2. Anyone running Steeda dual rates with Apex 19x11 fronts?

  3. Anyone running Steeda dual rates with Apex 19x11 fronts?

    Im running 19x11 et26 up front so no need for extending the wheel studs. 19x11.5 et56 in the rear. Wrapped with Goodyear Supercar 3R 305/325 30R19 tires, nice wheel/tire set for the track.
  4. Anyone running Steeda dual rates with Apex 19x11 fronts?

    I'm using the camber plates that came with my Mach 1 HP.
  5. Anyone running Steeda dual rates with Apex 19x11 fronts?

    Im running about -3 degrees up front.
  6. 10R80 6-7 Gear Shifts at Lower RPM

    Agree, the time in 6th is real short then the shift to 7th occurs which is 1:1.
  7. My Mach HP with Whipple!

    Nice install! Are you planning on any track or drag use? What size SC pulley are you starting out with?
  8. I'm done with this rear brake!!!

    @TRDFurgesson Can’t wait to see the videos this coming spring with those R7s and all of your other updates!
  9. I'm done with this rear brake!!!

    @TRDFurgesson. Beautiful! Since i drive to the track, I’ve been running the GY SC3R 305/325 staggered on Apex wheels, been a pretty nice tire so far.
  10. Non HP factory wheels on HP

    First track run in the M1 HP was too cold for the cup2 tires, put on my road wheel non HP set with 265/285 35-19 PS4S tires.
  11. Springs and Sways Comparison

    For me, dual rates are fine on 12 hour road trips and the weight shift on track was vastly reduced. I don’t notice any understeer on track but I’m only running about 8/10’s, just having fun at Sebring.
  12. Springs and Sways Comparison

    Steeda dual rate springs here, softer completion rear sway bar. I made the lower splitter easily removable, take it and the gurney flap off for road trips. For me, this is a really nice setup for a track/road trip car.
  13. Anyone running Steeda dual rates with Apex 19x11 fronts?

    I am running Apex wheels 19x11 ET26 wrapped with Goodyear SC3R 305/30 tires up front with Steeda dual rate springs without any rubbing.
  14. Mach1 Open Track & HPDE

    The A10 transmission keeps the revs up nicely but the ECU protects the CHT by limiting the 6-7 shift at 6800 rpm. It will also lower the shift point if it thinks the CHT is getting too warm. The ECT is a calculated value I believe derived from the rate of change of the CHT. I experienced lower...
  15. Mach1 Open Track & HPDE

    I believe this recommendation is for the 2.3L turbo high output engine. I use 5W-40 during track season as I had a low oil pressure warning once that put the car into limp mode.
  16. Bumper removal

    I remember reading that it is possible to remove the lower splitter and belly pan as a single unit by removing just the 7mm screws.
  17. Dark Horse Brembo front and rear brakes on M1

    A good video on the differences between motor trend and car & driver braking tests…. PS, I installed the track orientated Essex/AP Racing kit on my M1, easier install than the GT350R route, all of my wheel sets clear, and the system works very wheel on track. It is a bit pricy though...
  18. Front splitter removal

    You probably already did, but re-install the screws after the lower splitter is removed.
  19. Front splitter removal

    I used a small burr bit on a drill to create a center point and then an air hammer with a pointed tip and just knocked them out. But that was from underneath the vehicle. If you can remove the lower splitter with the splash shield, you may be able to just cut them with a flush cutter. If I...
  20. Front splitter removal

    Assuming you’re inquiring about the lower splitter that is standard equipment on a M1 HP and the aftermarket splitter attaches in the same manner, then if you just want to remove the lower splitter the plastic rivets need to be removed. I believe the lower splitter can be removed with the belly...