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  1. Digital Vacuum/Boost Gauge Question

    Total speculation here - I successfully changed my digital dash to show boost but I have a Roush supercharger which is converted from MAF to SD. I believe the VMP Odin still uses MAF, no? Picture below is from VMP's site which looks like a MAF sensor. If so, are they changing/reading the factory...
  2. Who uses CTEK MXS 5.0 for their winter trickle charger/tender?

    It is a tender/maintainer. I have one hooked up directly to the battery with their leads. I didn't leave the actual box installed as I use it on my daily driver battery when I take the mustang out, I just have to change the settings back and forth between AGM as they're different batteries. I...
  3. Oil catch can?

    Probably not, depending on your modifications and goals however, with more mileage and engine wear is when blow by and increased oil consumption will begin.
  4. Catch can and Roush SC

    I have the same dual can setup. They accidentally sent me the drain line kit and that is definetly worth the cost. It is so easy to crawl under there with a catch pan and quickly drain the dirty side can without having to disassemble. My clean side can hasn't caught anything and its been on...
  5. Weird Popping noise from Driver side

    Just throwing this out there. On my wife's 2016 explorer, there is a metal washer on the steering rack, associated with the steering rack limiter, and it had come loose and float all down the geared rod and when she would get close to lock, it would get caught in the gears and pop as she turned...
  6. 2017 GT 6mt PP wrench light/airbag light

    Also just FYI, that's not how deductibles work. I wouldn't let this be the reason to not bring it in to the dealer, other reasons of course, but if the bill is less than the deductible, they don't charge you the full deductible, you just pay the bill, the deductible is the limit if over.
  7. Angrey's top 6 new product opportunities

    Yup, just like velcro or hook/loop. Holds a case of 12 quarts of oil no problem.
  8. Angrey's top 6 new product opportunities

    I have an older version of this for #6. They work really well...
  9. P0430 code on 2021 GT w Roush blower w 16k miles???

    Mine sounds just like yours, 2021, Roush installed at 2,000 miles. I've got 24K miles on mine now and I popped code P0430 about 1.5 months ago. It was on for just (1) drive and hasn't been back on since. I only drive it to work once a week and got with Roush for the friendly dealer closest to...
  10. Low RPM Knock Retard

    Thank you, I will definitely reach out to you next year when the warranty expires. I have been researching E85 options, even though none of my commutes readily accommodate e85 stations, it seems like a great way to nullify the issues of the tiny brick while simultaneously increasing the power a...
  11. Ford pass

    All of your blacked out data is still easily visible, just FYI. I just have to slightly elevate my viewpoint and my monitor reveals all. I would remove the photo if you want that information private.
  12. Low RPM Knock Retard

    My Roush setup on 93 does the same thing. I like Mike's solution/problem-solving and I haven't been able to explore the Roush tune through HPTuners to see if they executed a similar solution in the stock Phase 2 tune, but I was told by Roush support that it is somewhat normal and to be expected...
  13. HP tire size speedo adjustment with forscan

    I followed this thread when I wanted to precisely calibrate my speedometer to my unique rear tires.
  14. What could this white stuff be?

  15. Winter Has Arrived — Mustang Sleeping!

    I'm in Texas with a Roush blower, I just got my car out of summer storage.
  16. Cylinder Head Temps

    Mine will run 50+ ambient in those conditions on hot and humid Texas days but only when cruising at a higher load, like 85-90 MPH. When cruising at lower speeds (maybe 70 MPH or so), it is probably +40F. I am phase 2 all stock A10 w/ 3.55 gears and taller rear tires (275/40/R20) to offset gears...
  17. S650 vs Camaro SS 1LE

    Really a disappointing advert for the FP700, especially the roll race
  18. Looking for track build advice

    So is this where the benefit of the GT500 comes in, cooling capacity, or are they hard to cool as well? I am just curious as I would have no desire to attempt to keep a supercharged GT cool on a road coarse, but I would think with enough modifications, it would be possible, but not easy, nor cheap.

    Just make sure you know you would have to trim that Lokar dipstick to length, the ED-5000COY. I originally thought they were straight replacements but they have to be gauged-to-fit.
  20. I phone apps

    I have an old Diablosport monitor that I pass back and forth between my DD truck and my mustang.