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  1. Crank Balancer snapped off (Whipple 2.9)

    ^^^ Bet money this is where most failures come in especially when using after market tensioners. And yes sir Too tight is bad.
  2. Crank Balancer snapped off (Whipple 2.9)

    Turbo really don't have to worry about snapping a snout. It is not common at all. And blower boys seem to be having just as much if not more ring land failures. I have been in both worlds. Have you ever had a turbo kit on you Mustang? Not talking about an Ecoboost. :cwl:
  3. Crank Balancer snapped off (Whipple 2.9)

    Well hot rod.......how do you "Untouch the Balancer when doing OPGs and TG? Because the correct way to do these Coyotes when ramping up HP/TQ is well known the Coyote needs OPGs and TG. :facepalm:
  4. Crank Balancer snapped off (Whipple 2.9)

    ^^^ Exactly. Turbos aint snapping crank snouts. Everybody that does big power does TCG and OPGs. Pulling and installing Balancers aint the easiest of jobs. Shit happens.
  5. Crank Balancer snapped off (Whipple 2.9)

    You miss me. Sorry to keep you waiting so long. :angel:
  6. Crank Balancer snapped off (Whipple 2.9)

    LOL. Yes. Let this be the golden rule.
  7. Crank Balancer snapped off (Whipple 2.9)

    That is because it rarely happens. And if it does it was most likely a bad install with the damper pulley. TURBOSSSSSS nuff said. Get rid of the belt and free up more power because your engine won't have to be using more HP on a belt to get the power you want. :like:
  8. Crank Balancer snapped off (Whipple 2.9)

    This is why I stress turbos. Odds of this happening with turbos is very very very slim. You put a belt on crank with a performance tensioner and odds of snout breaking for sure doubles the odds if not more over turbos. Especially if you are adding an extra pulley for blower. Increases the...
  9. Centri Boys, Need Your Wisdom!

    I had the TreMec swap with 4:10 rear end gears. You will be fine. Had them with Blower as well as Twins. :thumbsup:
  10. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    Who in the hell is tuning that would say this is normal!! That tuner needs his lap top smashed. You are in Florida ahh......let me guess who this tuner is. :cwl: Wengerd is a force to be reckoned with in the Mustang community. Highly recommend.
  11. thoughts on livernois heads

    I liked your comment as heads are very expensive and the stock heads do flow very well. But.......My buddy here local to me that heads do make a nice difference. He pulled his stock heads and installed his GT350 heads ported from MMR and very nice increase. Especially with TQ. Night and day...
  12. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    Wengerd sent you a revision. Did it fix it?
  13. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    Tuners do not have an easy job and I am sure they get frustrated with customers from time to time. (I know they have with me :wink:) Guys pecking at them for revisions as in want it now and issues that are not tune related. Mechanical issues will drive tuners bonkers. And yes I agree they need a...
  14. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    I put 2 of your comments in BOLD. The 1st one might be his he problem he went more than the 3 seconds and got the upshift? Happened to me when I was 10r80. Thinking he is new to the trans?
  15. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    Something just does not add up here. With all the 6r80s Wengerd has tuned with precision sounds like it could be a mechanical issue. Not saying that it is for sure but weird that you are the only one. Good luck with it. Please let us know the rest of the story as if Lund cannot fix this we...
  16. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    Stay stock. :like:
  17. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    LOL. 🙄 Come on man just email Wengerd. He will get you your answer in minutes.
  18. 7 Second Whipple Supercharged 3.8

    Nice Terry keep up the good work.
  19. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    The same song and dance with Wengerd. 1. Impeccable customer service. 2. Quick to communicate with customers shipping is awesome 3. Tuning is spot on. Really love this car with the Wengerd tune on it LOL. He does not fawk around. :thumbsup:
  20. Twin Turbo with VMP 69mm Twinjet Throttle Body

    You are welcome. I would lean more to tune being off. Not knowing who your tuner is. Bucking will break things be careful. Give a shout out to Wengerd Performance if you cannot get your tuner to fix the issue.