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  1. Cup 2 tire ruined by a screw

    Fixable or no?
  2. Washington, D.C. GT350 Rear Seats with Belt Assembly and Parcel shelf

    This is a complete rear seat and belt assembly with parcel shelf from a 2017 GT350. It will fit 2015-2022 Mustang. $400 or best offer. Local pick up only! Located in Washington, DC.
  3. Auto-Blip install help

    I tapped all the wires and reconnect the sensors except the clutch sensor connector. I disconnected the clutch sensor at an angle and now I can't reconnect the clutch sensor the same way since it is pretty cramped in there. Is there another way? I googled and couldn't find anything.
  4. Recommended installer for Signature Wheels in DMV area

    Any recommended wheel installer for Signature Wheels in DMV area? I'd want a place that has a lot of experience with handling expensive wheels.
  5. GT350 vs GT350R Magneride Shocks

    I'm ordering DSC controller and I've asked them to put GT350R calibration file on the DSC controller. Here is what they said: "Are you sure you want to do this calibration file? The GT350R file is really meant for the R model because the shocks are different between the GT350 and the GT350R. It...
  6. GT350R at MSRP is tempting... but is it worth trading in GT350?

    My GT350 is paid off. I love Avalanche Gray with black roof. I think it is perfect looking and the color is rare. They stopped making those color in 2018. If I could get a GT350R in the same color scheme, I would. However the 2019 GT350 (shadow black with black stripes) selling at MSRP 100 miles...
  7. Tires for Street and Track

    Would you recommend Pilot Sport Cup 2 for street and track? By street I mean driving (occasionally up to 500 miles) to tracks or taking trips. The car is not a daily driver. I won't be swapping sets of wheels.
  8. Is the C7 Stingray actually slower than a GT350?

    Or is my car just that fast? On the papers the c7 looks like it ought to be faster but above 80 mph it looks like it couldn't keep up with my car. I was surprised actually since c7 is lighter and a sport car.
  9. 2019 Mustang6G calendar?

    Is there gonna be one? I love the 2018 one and will buy 2019 if it exists.
  10. Trusted service dealership in MD/DC/VA area?

    I've heard stories of service dealerships not torquing oil filter correctly or spill oil under the hood. I'm going to take my GT350 in for an oil change this year. I want a dealership near me around the DC/MD/VA area who has worked on GT350s and treat them like their own. Any recommendations?
  11. Can anyone confirm they are R suspension parts?

    1 FR3Z-5A772-E BAR - REAR 2 F2GZ-5493-C INSULATOR 2 FR3Z-5310-M SPRING - F 1 FR3Z-5560-W SPRING - R 1 FR3Z-5560-X SPRING - R 2 DG9Z-5B484-A CLAMP - RU AutoNation Ford White Bear Lake ordered them for me and after googling the part number for the rear sway bar, it turned to be a...
  12. If you throw on R suspension parts on a standard 350, will it feel like a R?

    Minus the wheels. Many R owners swap their wheels to more streetable wheels and tires anyway. Aero doesn't come into the play unless at the limit. So ignore those and let's suppose I throw on just R springs and R rear sway bar on my 350, will I be able tell apart between a standard 350 and a R...
  13. When will PP2 be available?

    And how much does it cost? Can you pair PP2 with a non-premium Mustang? Ford.com still doesn't have PP2 available in the build section. Does anyone know?
  14. GT350 vs GT350R rear springs

    I've tried searching and found conflicting reports about the GT350 and GT350R rear springs. Some say they are exactly the same and others say they are different. Does anyone know? I would like to upgrade my suspension to R but I don't want to spend money/install identical parts on my car.
  15. Engine light - low coolant temperature

    The car has 6,400 miles on it and has been tracked once (two weeks ago). This morning engine light came on. I went and had it scanned. P0128 Coolant Thermostat (Coolant Temperature Below Thermostat Regulating Temperature) It's 65 degree outside. The coolant fluid is stock. Any idea why...
  16. Thoughts on 401A package for 2018?

    $2,200 for • 12" LCD Digital Instrument Cluster with MyColor® • Heated Steering Wheel • Premier Trim with Color Accent Group – Hand Stitched Center Console Lid, Wrapped Knee Bolsters with Accent Stitch, and Shifter Boot; Premium Floormats with Accent Stitch; Color-accented Leather-trimmed...
  17. Track insurance

    I've signed up for FATT at Summit Point, Shenandoah Circuit and I was wondering if my insurance (Geico) will cover a day at track or should I shop for an insurance?
  18. Some play in Recaro seats

    My Recaro seats move slightly under hard braking or acceleration. Is this normal or are my Recaros loose? Is it something I should take to Ford?
  19. Ding repair under XPEL film?

    I have one small ding on the hood under the XPEL film. Granted I should have it repaired before putting on the film but I heard the film can be "lifted" and "reapplied" allowing repair. Is that true? My XPEL hasn't been fully cured. Should I wait until then?
  20. Any recommended service in MD/DC/VA area?

    I hope it never comes to this but just in case I need to take my GT350 in for a warranty work or service, which dealership would you recommend? The one in Prince Frederick took my car in and fixed the splitter. They did a good job and billed the Baltimore dealership where I bought my car lol...