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  1. *sigh* I can't be the only one this type of thing happens to.

    Been waiting/saving up for a good while to start dressing up my stang with some carbon fiber pieces. Finally got the front spoiler ordered and installed....a week ago. I've now had my Mustang since April of last year with no accidents or incidents. So I pull into a parking space on Saturday...
  2. Answering Trivia Questions while taking a drive in a GT350

    Just saw this up on IGN. http://www.ign.com/videos/2015/09/11/fast-forza-facts-at-160mph
  3. North East Mustang Meet, Summit NJ

    Happening this Sunday August 30th in Summit NJ. Here is the FB page: https://www.facebook.com/northeastmustangmeet?fref=nf Figured i'd throw this out there in case anyone is interested.
  4. Winter's coming *Jon Snow voice*

    Ok, so I live in the harsh winter land know as New Jersey. After bouncing back and forth about what winter wheels and tires I will be getting and changing them out every season got me thinking about taking another winter route. I have decided to just get a 4x4 beater to get me through the...
  5. American Muscle Mustang weekend in PA

    Ok, I was super bummed out I couldn't make it this year, so those who went and took some pics can you all post them up? Next year is a definite for me. Sorry for all those coming into this thread expecting pics already lol. I sort of assumed someone would have posted pics already!!
  6. New Shelby Super Snake Wheels

    I think they came out pretty good :)
  7. Black MMD Axim wheels

    Does anyone have these or some pics of them on their S550? I'm trying to decide between these and some black Shelby Super Snake wheels. Axim's: http://www.americanmuscle.com/mmd-axim-black-19x85-2015.html Thanks everyone!
  8. Shelby Super Snake wheels

    Anyone have these and have pics of them on their S550? Been looking at them on America Muscle's site..... http://www.americanmuscle.com/black-shelby-alcoa-wheels-2015.html Thanks!
  9. The calm before the storm...

    Couldn't help myself.....I'm in NJ and we're supposed to have some really crazy weather in the next couple of hours. The sky just turned this insane color and the light just bounced off the paint job like I've never seen....
  10. Northern/Central NJ

    Sorry for posting this here, but i'm not having any luck with responses in the regional sub-forums. Does anyone have any experience with local speed/mod shops in northern/central NJ besides JDM engineering, or even know of any other shops that do work with the S550? I just spoke with...
  11. Speed/install shop in northern/central NJ

    Besides JDM, are there any other spots to recommend for our S550's? Always nice to have a few options to shop around with. Looking to get my FRPP short throw shifter installed....
  12. Just got a notice from CJ's that the FRPP short throw is now available

    http://www.cjponyparts.com/ford-racing-short-throw-shifter-kit-2015/p/M7210M8/ Interested in seeing how this compares to the Barton and MGW offerings. $260 isn't a bad price if it's a quality piece....just about half of what the other two cost.....
  13. A challenge, perhaps?

    I'm sure like a lot of you when parking in a large parking lot you'll situate your S550 at the ass end of the lot to avoid any potential mishaps. Doing that this morning at the tail end of a Target lot, I returned to this grinning Camaro parked directly across from me. Intentional?, certainly...