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  1. New Mexico Velgen Forged SL7 Mounted on Michelin PS4S

    Up For sale are my Velgen Forged SL7's Mounted on Michelin PS4s. Reason for sale is due to me recently selling the Mustang! ASKING $4,000 or OBO. This Wheel and tire set up is nearly $9,000 new plus 6-8 week lead time. Willing to ship but buyer pays shipping! (Can be negotiated) Wheels have...
  2. Gone but not forgotten

    Like the title says boys, had to sell the mustang yesterday. Didn’t want to but it was the right financial move. Been looking for a Used Mach 1 and if current trends turn out to be correct, we’re in for a pretty good influx of used cars, repos and inventory from wholesellers. Selling the car...
  3. MT-82 D4 gearing question

    Hey guys excuse me if this is a noob question, Can someone explain what the problem is for the gearing in the 18-23 S550s compared to the gen 2's? For example, I have a 21 PP1 mustang with 3.73 gears Naturally aspirated platform. Why then, am I at a disadvantage against someone in a 15-17 PP1...
  4. If you could build it all over again?

    Just as the title implies. Knowing what you know NOW about the S550 platform and vehicles in general how would or what would you do differently this time with your build/modifications?
  5. Next Car?

    I know we all have mustangs and love them. Just wanna see what other stang owners are considering for their next enthusiast vehicle when the time comes. My requirements are a MT always.
  6. Vland Vs Form lighting Euro style tail lights?

    Anyone know the difference in build quality??? Any side by side pictures of the two to compare? I know Vland has the 5 mode sequencer and both claim to be plug and play. Trying to decide which to go with. Both are priced relatively the same.
  7. New Mexico Black Badges Unopened- $120.00 Shipped $100.00 Local Pick up

    Have a set of unopened black badges which include 2x blacked out ponies, 2x 5.0 badges, 1x GT badge. CJ pony parts sells a similar kit for $170.00 but does not include the extra pony. Packages are not opened.
  8. New Mexico Raceseng Ashiko Shift Knob-$110.00 Shipped $80.00 local pickup

    Used Blue Translucent Weighted Ashiko shift knob; -Comes with adapter ***Buyer will need to purchase reverse lockout from Racesengs website*** Retails at $180.00 for shifter and adapter. Reverse lockout retails at $85.00 Total new= $265.00 Plus tax!!
  9. Car Douches???

    Anyone have experiences with some?? List them below. Went on a cruise yesterday when a Toyota supra pulled up next to me. Windows rolled down and his girl on his right. Now I know I can come off as a douche myself, 24 year old with tattoos and drives a mustang with a loud exhaust but I consider...
  10. Anyone have an exhaust setup with LTH with a refined sound?

    Alright Boys, I know this has been beat to death and there are plenty of forums on here about the subject. But anyone have an exhaust setup with LTH with a refined sound? Currently I have 1 7/8th headers (catless) w Mid Muffler and MBRP Race Cat back. The mid muffler was installed by a local...
  11. Wait times for new tires?

    Anyone else having to wait extensive times for their new setups this season? I expected wait times to be long so I decided to order back in February and still haven't gotten the rears in. I understand specialty tires are harder to get and are often back ordered but my excitement gets the best...
  12. Metallic sound coming from drivers side

    I'll keep it short. Car is lowered on Eibach pro-kit. No sound over bumps or anything. Everything is tightened down to spec. Have TexasSpeed LTH 1-7/8 catless into MBRP Race Cat back with Mid mufflers installed. Sound is Metallic and occurs when first turning the car on or accelerating at low...
  13. Best AfterMarket Front Bumper company?

    Looking to do a front end conversion to a Mach 1 style bumper from my 5.0 PP1 (2021) Anyone know which aftermarket company is reputable and makes great OEM quality bumpers?
  14. Help Finding Original Wheel? Not wanting to run Reps.

    Below is an ESR wheel that's cast with a brushed finish. I'm wondering if anyone knows what forged wheel this design "borrowed". I really like the design and look of the wheel (especially the two piece look and exposed hardware) but want something that will stand the test of time and not...
  15. Amber Deleted Headlights?

    Anyone know how to delete the amber from the headlights or have a link to a video that explains how? I know if you buy euros they actually don't fit U.S. mustangs as the cables don't connect. Something like this
  16. 93 Octane tester???

    This might be a dumb question but is there anyway to test 93 fuel? I live in New Mexico with high elevation. So most gas stations only carry 91 octane rated fuel. Well today I managed to find a station that has 93 premium fuel. I have the car tuned for 91 and filled up the tank with the 93...
  17. LTH~Doing what everyone said I would

    So against the advice of everyone and their moms (literally, neighbors hate me) I installed Texas Speed LTH 1-7/8 catless, and a MBRP race series catback with 3" diameter piping. Story short, this thing is too damn loud. I'm looking to quiet it down. I have the stock H pipe, and mufflers in my...
  18. Thoughts on new Type-R?

    Just finished watching the reveal video for the new civic type R and Ratti's Rides in depth over view of the vehicle. I think it looks really good personally and wouldn't mind owning one if I had the extra money to spend on one. Would never consider trading in any of my current vehicles for one.
  19. One year review of my 5.0 GT performance pack

    Was new to the s550 platform and bought the car new off the dealer lot with 18 miles. Build is a 2021 GT performance pack 6 speed manual; Velocity Blue MSRP $48,335. Added Mods; Texas Speed LTH Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs Ford Performance oil separator BDX Bama Tune 91 OCTANE (yeah bama I...
  20. Anyone here have a Shelby Super Snake? (Not GT500) If so, post below!

    Haven't seen many around in the general population and only really discovered it through YouTube and at my local cars and coffee. Thought some guy was upbaging! Glad he educated me!