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  1. Texas Borla Atak Catback part #140684 - $1500 shipped

    Fits all 2015-2020 GT350 and GT350R models. Very good condition Borla Atak 2.75" cat back exhaust. I bought it from Beefcake last year and had it on my car for less than 1000 miles. Has an exhaust valve so it retains the modes for quiet and loud. Sounds incredible, too, with zero drone at...
  2. Anyone driven the supercharged V8 Blackwing?

    Curious to know your thoughts on how that LT4 supercharged engine feels in comparison to our Voodoos. I have driven a ton of GM performance cars over the years but none of them have gotten under my skin like the Boss 302s and the GT350 so I am curious to hear feedback from anyone who has...
  3. Where the heck did this come from??

    I noticed something sticking out from under the door on my Mustang. Turns out it was the lip on this large castle nut poking through. This appears to be the same nut as the one used on the hinges, but both hinges on that side have the nut still on them so where did this come from? Is there a...
  4. Shift effort with Barton?

    Curious to hear what people with Bartons on their GT350s think of the shift effort. I really like my MGW but the shift effort is too high - I broke my right shoulder years ago and it's never been quite right and the shift effort with the MGW really aggravates it unfortunately. I enjoyed the...
  5. Texas Lethal 3" GT350 X-pipe

    Hello guys, Bought this for a test fit but never clamped it down or started the car up with it installed. Its basically brand new (see pics). These are $349 new but I will sell it for $220 shipped to lower 48 or $200 for local pickup (San Antonio area). Thank you.
  6. Texas BNIB Signature SV503 20x11/11.5 wheels

    Hello guys, I have a set of brand new in the box, never mounted Signature SV503s in gloss silver. 2 of the boxes have never been opened and the only reason I opened 1 front and 1 rear box was to look at them and weigh them. The specs are as follows: Front 20x11 ET 24 (about 25.8lbs) Rear...
  7. GT350R in Slovenia

    He seems like a real enthusiast and it's great to see this car in such a distant land. POLICE PULLED ME OVER + WALKAROUND // Shelby GT350R - YouTube
  8. Anyone running the Ford Performance 4.09 in their GT350 or 350R?

    Curious to hear your thoughts about the installation process and/or any other issues you may have run into. FP sells an installation kit and was curious about anyone's experience with that, too.
  9. New trick so you can run 305/30/20 up front without rubbing

    Hello guys, I am running 20x11 ET24 front wheels with 305/30/20 GT500/FP-spec PS4S tires on my new 2020 350R. I noticed that I was getting some rub on the inner fender liners when turning the steering wheel to near full lock. This morning I removed the wheels, pulled the liner push pins out...
  10. Brand new 2020 350R weird noises

    Hello guys, My new 350R was produced on 6/2/20 (i.e. soon after the factory reopened) and I picked it up last week with only 6 miles on it. 1) From the time I first started it up until now (about 190 miles on it), it has been making a really annoying metallic clinking/ringing noise from the...
  11. So why do the GT500 CFTP rear tires not stick out like the 350R?

    Went to the car show last night and they had a Velocity Blue GT500 CFTP on display. Absolutely amazing looking car. Why did Ford put a higher offset on those 20x11.5 wheels so that they actually sit flush with the fenders instead of wheels that poke on the 350R?
  12. Do we know the GT500 wheel specs yet?

    If this has already been discussed, please point me to the thread! I am curious about both Base and CFTP wheel specs. Thank you!
  13. Anyone planning to use GT500 CFTP 20" tires on a GT350R?

    Hello guys, Doing some research in advance of getting my 2020 GT350R next Spring . . . I see that Tire Rack is listing the GT500 CFTP Pilot Sport Cup2s in 305/30/20 and 315/30/20 sizes. I have spoked to Terrance/50 Deep at Signature Wheels and he said that some people are running 305/30/20...