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  1. AntiGravity Battery Failure

    Have the battery replaced under the warranty.
  2. Replacing OEM battery?

    It is just a battery. They are consumables. +1 Antigravity Battery because race car.
  3. Cup 2 tire ruined by a screw

    I know, right? $600 just for one tire $2400 for the whole set I still have a set of OEM PSS though. I'm thinking about swapping them before spending some serious dollars on tires. For now it's not being driven anyway and the winter storage is just a month away...
  4. Cup 2 tire ruined by a screw

    Not a plug. It was a patch. Different things.
  5. Cup 2 tire ruined by a screw

    Surely enough it was a cash transaction with no receipt. They didn't say anything about not recommending it.
  6. Cup 2 tire ruined by a screw

    They patched it up with a rubber sealer and a piece of patch from inside. I wouldn’t track it either. It’s for street use from now and on until I buy a new set.
  7. Cup 2 tire ruined by a screw

    It lost air. I took off the wheel and took it to the shop. They are patching it up from inside tire.
  8. Cup 2 tire ruined by a screw

    The shop near me said they could patch it up.
  9. Cup 2 tire ruined by a screw

    Fixable or no?
  10. Washington, D.C. GT350 Rear Seats with Belt Assembly and Parcel shelf

    This is a complete rear seat and belt assembly with parcel shelf from a 2017 GT350. It will fit 2015-2022 Mustang. $400 or best offer. Local pick up only! Located in Washington, DC.
  11. Rear Seat Delete... holy high priced mat batman....

    Any reason why they wouldn't fit 2015-2017?
  12. 2020 GT500 rear seat delete

    Any reason why M-6346612-GT wouldn't fit 2015-2017?
  13. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    What this man said. I'm happy with my ATX20.
  14. Drive without TPMS? You could lose your car

    Or just leave TPMS reading on, just like I do. I have Mph and everything else I need from analog gauges.
  15. Certain gauge parameters I should be watching closely?

    Oil pressure - You should see around 100 psi or higher when cold start, around 30 psi when hot. It doesn't matter what number as long as its not zero. If its zero, turn off the car immediately or you will brick the engine as there may be oil leak/no oil in engine. Oil temperature - make sure...
  16. GT350R Important Mods/Maintenance

    Catch cans for both sides and you are done.
  17. GT350R vs EVERYTHING

    "R" vs non "R" GT350. Throw on Cup2 tires and you are almost even for lower cost.