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  1. Cold air intake in fender well

    Seems like a much better place for brake ducts. Im not a fan of a fender well intake. I bought a used E36 M3 with a cold air intake in the fender. Changed out the filter after I got it and it was 50% clogged. I think the previous owner never cleaned it or had an off-road adventure.
  2. CALIFORNIA SPECIAL S550 Mustang Thread

    For what the premium 650 GT runs, I would rather pick up a low mileage Mach1. The more and more I see the 650 the more and more I'm glad I went with the 550. It's too bad that the GT/CS lost the PP parts unless you opt for the PP. It was great that then 550 GT/CS got the PP aero and chassis...
  3. Cant decide on springs

    I would have it regraded but I can’t. I don’t have the room for a couple of switchbacks. I’m not worried about the approach or departure angle too much, I should be fine there. I’m more worried about it scraping mid body.
  4. Cant decide on springs

    I'm torn on what springs to get. My driveway goes from a 0% grade for about 10-feet then goes to a -12.5% grade. I really don't want it to scrape or have to take the driveway at an angle. Due to that I am looking at the Steeda minimum drop. Anyone running them? How do the ride, how is the...

    Normally I drive the daily in to work but felt like taking the CS today.
  6. 2023 GT/CS Auto Rear Gear Ratio?

    No, those are standard options and not special orders. The 3.55 in the auto are like the Wifi delete. It requires a special order that goes beyond a standard option.
  7. 2023 GT/CS Auto Rear Gear Ratio?

    It could be. All CS were special order. Dealers weren’t given a set allocation.
  8. 2023 GT/CS Auto Rear Gear Ratio?

    That’s the key thing right there. Dealer option is not standard, it’s special order.
  9. 2023 GT/CS Auto Rear Gear Ratio?

    They must all be custom order then or dealer installed. The last time I checked even the build and price makes you pick the PP option if you want 3.55s.
  10. 2023 GT/CS Auto Rear Gear Ratio?

    The Auto GT and GT/CS come with 3.15s standard. You only get 3.55 with the power pack option. The MT GT and GT/CS comes with 3:55s standard and 3.73s with the power pack option. Quicker than looking at the sticker is what brakes do you have? If you have Brembos you have 3.55s or 3.73s...
  11. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    I managed to snag that spot this morning. I always wanted to get a pic there.
  12. rust on exhaust tips

    I’ll have to get some of the Rust-aid
  13. rust on exhaust tips

    So I have had my CS since December and it less than 2500 miles. I was washing it today and noticed that I have rust spots on the factory exhaust tips. there are about a half dozen or so all about the size of the head of a pin. What is the best way to remove the spots?
  14. Post your Favorite Pic(s)

    A few from an off-roading trip to west Texas. A couple of legendary Texas music venues
  15. With the intro of the S650 will M6G still be here??

    The Camaro aspect of it is only just a part of why I refer to it as the modern Mustang II. The Mustang II king cobra with the fire snake hood still may have it beat with the throw every thing trendy at is and see what sticks gimmick. As MAGS1 said it’s also what could save the V8 and the...
  16. With the intro of the S650 will M6G still be here??

    I kind of think of the S650 as the second coming of the Mustang II. Some good things may come out of it but its still the ugly inbred 2nd cousin from Arkansas.
  17. With the intro of the S650 will M6G still be here??

    Why? Look at the SN95, There are still plenty of parts available for them and its been almost 20 years since they were last built. It will be the same for the S550 in 2043. The electronic dash may be an issue, but we at least have an option to go non-digital when they need to be replaced...