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  1. Corralled Mustang on grill vs non-corralled?

    Before, during, after...
  2. Georgia Roll Call

    Here's mine.
  3. Georgia Roll Call

    Cumming, GA. I need to get my suspension in order first...
  4. Firehawk Indy 500's?

    My Indy 500's came in so I'll take pictures once they get installed. I don't think they're directional but I'll double check. Everything I've read about these tires has been good. Now I gotta find some lugs...
  5. Firehawk Indy 500's?

    I just ordered these tires for my Velgen VMB-5 wheels, 275/35/20 the fronts and 305/35/20 the rears... Anyone running these tires? I just want to know how long they last and compared to the premium PS4s. The car is it daily driver, to and from work. I do get on it a good bit with spirited...
  6. Perceptions of Middle-age Men in Mustangs

    I agree with Hack... Friends and neighbors are like "You're 46, are you having a mid-life crisis?" No, I've loved the S550 since the first photo back in 2014, convertible Magnetic on Foundrys. I just respond with "Call it what you want, I've been looking at this car for years and finally...
  7. After installing LED Switchback...blinker response??

    I don't even notice the gallop sound anymore... between the radio, the windows down, and the exhaust.
  8. Vortech Mustang GT Velgen Wheels VMB5

    I'll send a pm.
  9. Vortech Mustang GT Velgen Wheels VMB5

    A couple of question... Suspension / drop? Weight? is it possible to go to a 35 series tire?
  10. Rousch Heat Extractors

    I'm getting ready to update mine but I have magnetic metallic so I doubt I'll notice any real color difference.
  11. P51 Wheels Ford Mustang S550 Application Light Weight Design - Vibe Motorsports

    Any pics of these wheels in bright silver installed on a magnetic gray S550?
  12. The "what things weigh thread."

    How much do these 19x8.5 50th appearance package wheels weigh?
  13. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Chris, can you do blue stripes? Might keep the cops off me :-)
  14. Official PK Auto Design Wheel Thread | Weights | New Releases | Questions & Answers

    I must see these on a Magnetic Metallic :D... My Magnetic Metallic!
  15. Suspension Work in Sandy Springs / ATL

    I'd like to thank Nick (Wildcatgoal) for showing me his shop and lending out his knowledge and tools. We figured out the creaking noise coming from my front end. He really knows his stuff and he's a stand up guy. Thanks again...
  16. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    I like it, the lower black grille gets lost with all the upper corral... and this mod will compliment it. I also don't know why they didn't do the honeycomb in the lower grille. OR do a non honeycomb in the upper grille.
  17. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Can you put a chrome horizontal stripe below in the lower grille? Just like the upper grille, minus the corral... :-)