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  1. The Definitive Ecoboost vs GT gas mileage thread

    This is the case for me. Likely I wouldn't be able to afford the gas. Usually I go 450-520 miles before fill up. My car's(2015 ecoboost automatic) lifetime average is 31.5 mpg. The worst it MPG it has had was 22.5 in a blizzard with lots of idling and the best was 40.2. Typically it will return...
  2. Cowl Drain Valve

    Exactly, I am going to remove the door on the present one once the replacement arrives incase I mess something up. I am not sure what negative effects myself, the only thing I could think of is, in a water fording situation the potential of water rushing into the cabin air filter. Presently, if...
  3. Cowl Drain Valve

    It opens manually with the flow of the water. I will post pictures when I get the replacement part which required special ordering. It is located right behind the battery tray and it seems it only collects water run off from the cowl. Here is the link with the part and a diagram...
  4. Cowl Drain Valve

    Yeah, I'm not exactly sure why there is a valve. I'd assume to stop road water from getting in but, you know what they say about assuming.
  5. Cowl Drain Valve

    It's the Drain Valve for the Cowl. It drains water from the cowl.
  6. Cowl Drain Valve

    So I just learned first hand the way to access it is to pull the battery tray out and wheel liner and it can be replaced that way. Does anyone know what possible effects could occur if I modified the valve to stay open?
  7. Cowl Drain Valve

    There is no rust around the windshield trim. The Urethane seals are intact on the windshield. The valve under the Cowl is about all I have come up with. I am not sure when it started happening.
  8. Cowl Drain Valve

    Yeah, I dont believe it's a heater core leak. I am not losing coolant and water only runs from the dash when its raining whether I am driving the car or not. I found a puddle on the passenger floor mat before I started the car today.
  9. Cowl Drain Valve

    Does anyone know if there is a way to gain access to it without pulling the cowl grille off? I believe it is clogged on my car causing an interior passenger side water leak. Thank you.
  10. 4cyl EB reliability

    Over 115k on my 2015 base model EcoBoost Automatic. Outside of the timing cover oil leak,which was fixed under warranty, it has had no problems.
  11. 2015 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    Does anyone know dealer invoice of ecoboost base?
  12. Official 2.3L Ecoboost Thread

    This is not true it's based off the 2.0 ecoboost.... But I wouldn't be worried about reliability the 2.0 ecoboost has proven true to power and reliability. Ford hasn't let anyone drive their "proven beast" either yet. Which had the cylinder issue from the get go when tuned improperly would...
  13. Official 2.3L Ecoboost Thread

    I'll guesstimate and say 4k-5k tops. Would be the price of bigger turbo,intercooler, and tuning
  14. Official 2.3L Ecoboost Thread

    There's nothing hennessey did that you couldn't do on your own for far less. Like for example livernois stage 4+ on the ecoboost would put 5.0s on in their place. There will be a lot of tuning companies and such for this mustang assuming the ecu can be cracked without fords approval.
  15. Ecoboost Pricing + Insurance.

    What's the engine swap laws like over there ? Yea I would be outraged if I had to pay a fine for something like that .
  16. Ecoboost Pricing + Insurance.

    The current 3.7 will kick all of those cars asses. The only one it won't is the s5 ;) the 2.3 will be more aimed towards the 435i and genesis 3.8.
  17. Why no performance pack for the automatic GT? (outside 50th ann. ed.)

    Is it that shocking really? They didn't have track pack for auto in 2011-2014. Best gearing you could get was old 3.15. I imagine upgrade rotors and pads would suit better than over paying for brembos.
  18. 2015 Mustang GT vs 2015 WRX STI

    There's different pistons and rods and possibly more I haven't researched it much. I know the redline is a little lower. It's akin to calling the cobra jet twin turbo motor the same as the regular ole coyote. ....or in subaru speak they have lots of variations of ej25. They all are stamped ej25...