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  1. QuickJack Question and Decision help

    I use mine with jacking rails, they come with flat rubber lifting blocks and ones to use with pinch welds. I just use the flat blocks.
  2. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Changed my oil yesterday and noticed this under my UPR oil filler breather. I assume this is just normal condensation going through the breather. Cold weather here in NE and all. Oil looked fine.
  3. Roush dyno numbers

    I see you are in nebraska, what dyno did you run it on?
  4. 2018 evap code

    I am having a hard time finding info or videos on this. Do you have a link? I am getting 2 codes for the EVAP purge valve/purge flow.
  5. Virginia Ford Performance Carbon Fiber Shift Knob M-7213-MCF

    I hear ya. I just don't NEED another shift knob. But if the price was right.... LMK if you change your mind.
  6. Virginia Ford Performance Carbon Fiber Shift Knob M-7213-MCF

    if you dont get any more offers or just want to sell it quick I would give you $50 shipped for it.
  7. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I have a set of 2m cat deletes for sale. I had them paired to a steeda H-pipe and stock mufflers. not too loud, but definitely louder than stock. mild amount of drone, but not enough for the wife to complain and she still falls asleep if we are driving for more than an hour.
  8. Nebraska JLT 3.0 Passenger Oil Catch Can $75 shipped 18-23

    I have an 18-23 JLT 3.0 passenger side oil catch can for sale. There is some rubbing marks as shown in the photos. This is not visible when it is installed in the car. Obviously it still functions 100%. Took off my 2020 Mustang GT. Price: $75 shipped lower 48.
  9. Crankcase pressure issue when in boost???

    I am not having any issues currently, but here is my setup with my ESS kit. I have a breather on the drivers side valve cover. I have the UPR one way breather on the oil fill cap. I have a JLT 3.0 catch can on the passenger valve cover to intake, with the PCV intact. Should I gut the PCV for...
  10. Nebraska 2M Fabrication Cat Deletes $250 shipped

    Bump.... forgot I had this for sale
  11. Nebraska SCT BDX Programmer New

    I have an almost brand new SCT BDX for sale. This was a replacement device from my first BDX that bricked itself. I only used it to put a stock recovery file back to my car. Only getting rid of it because I switched tuners and new tuner only uses RTD devices. It was never paired or loaded with...
  12. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Just listed a UPR Dual Valve Oil Catch Can CSS Plug n Play Kit (2015-2021 Mustang GT with Paxton/Vortech/Procharger) - 5030-146-1-CSS for sale in the for sale forum if anyone is interested. Not ran, just mocked up. One hose was cut for use on an ESS intake...
  13. Nebraska UPR Dual valve oil catch can for Boosted applications

    UPR Dual Valve Oil Catch Can CSS Plug n Play Kit (2015-2021 Mustang GT with Paxton/Vortech/Procharger) - 5030-146-1-CSS This kit is brand new with no run time. Only thing I did was mock it up. One of the hoses was cut for an ESS supercharger system. I just did a rough cut, so there is some...
  14. wengerd performance or Ortiz Performance

    Credits added to my RTD today and tune loaded from Wengerd. Low and behold the car starts and seems to run just fine. Sent initial datalog off. Can't wait. This will probably be my last comment in this thread, but if you can't read between the lines.... Please choose Wengerd over Ortiz...
  15. wengerd performance or Ortiz Performance

    More to this story for me.... Finally received my replacement SCT device on Tuesday. I knew in advance when I was going to get the device, so I contacted their social media person on Facebook last Thursday asking that, if I were to get my replacement SCT device on Tuesday, would I be able to...
  16. SCT vs HPT and switching tuners

    Finally, after 1 week and 1 day, I get a response that says I need to get the stock file recovered from SCT (or reflashed by Ford) so I can use the RTD. Seems like good information that I could have used last week to get the ball rolling, instead of twiddling my thumbs for 8 days not doing...