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  1. Reprogram Steering Wheel Button to Turn Off Display

    I have a 2015 GT Premium and I would like to reprogram the “M” button on the steering wheel to turn off the infotainment display. I have never intentionally used this button, but I regularly turn the display off so this would be very convenient. Is this possible to do? I have some exposure to...
  2. Massachusetts WTT Guard Green Trunk lid with Spoiler for Trunk Without Spoiler

    Looking to trade my guard green 2015 GT trunk lid that has the factory spoiler for one which does not have the spoiler. My trunk lid is in very good condition, looking for one that in similar condition.
  3. Massachusetts WTB Whiteline KDT933 Differential Bushings

    As the title says, looking to buy these differential bushing as they’re currently discontinued. I’d prefer to have these shipped unless you’re willing to meet within ~90 minutes of Springfield, MA. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  4. 5.2 Voodoo Crank/Cams in 5.0 Coyote

    How hard would it be to put a 5.2L Voodoo crankshaft and camshafts in a 5.0 Coyote engine and get it to run relatively reliably? I was browsing ebay and I came across some GT350 crankshafts for $800 and a set of GT350 camshafts for $250. I’m assuming I’d want to go with a standalone ECU, but...
  5. Chain Rattling Sound at WOT above 4.5k RPM

    I noticed a rattling sound similar to a loose/rattling chain when I’m at/near WOT above 4.5k rpm. All of the other threads talk about a chain rattling sound at lower RPMs, I haven’t noticed this at all. I only hear this noise at the upper end of the range and only when the throttle is >85% open...
  6. 2015 3.31 Diff on Track, Overheating Concerns

    I have a 2015 Mustang GT with the 3.31 Trac-Lok differential. I'm thinking about taking it to the track but I have concerns about damaging the differential due to overheating, which looks like it's a common problem (the overheating, that is). Since I have a 2015 Mustang I don't have the rear...
  7. Extend Steering Wheel/Column Further

    Is there a way to modify the steering wheel/column to extend the telescoping mechanism 1-3” further towards the driver? I feel like I can’t get the steering wheel quite as far back as I would like.
  8. SLP LM2 with Resonated X-Pipe?

    I just installed the SLP Loudmouth II axle backs with the stock resonator and I'm thinking about installing a resonated x-pipe. I really like the way it currently sounds down low but I think it sounds a bit muffled in the higher rpms. I want add just a little of "rasp" up top. I'm also getting a...