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  1. New Mexico McLeod Rxt Clutch

    Sent you a PM.
  2. World Record GT350 N/A power numbers

    I'm about to be 30 and was starting to feel old... glad I found this thread.
  3. Relocating to snow country???

    I drive in the snow... I wouldn't recommend it, but its not as horrible as you think. Driving, I mean. I'm sure its just as bad for the car as you think lol
  4. Mustang GT4 at Road America

    Isn't the current Mustang GT4 being retired at the end of the season? I was looking through past results and they seemed to dominate 2018-19, but I guess their pace has fallen back compared to newer GT4 cars? Still pretty cool to see them rip around the track! I saw a GT4 race before the Music...
  5. New York For Sale Signature wheel SV504 drag wheel set up with MT ET street R ( 2 sets )

    Probably a stupid question, but I assume you had to change the brakes to get 18s to fit?
  6. GT350 Tires

    I run Mich AS4s squared in 285/40/19 and it works great! The little bit of extra ground clearance is really nice for daily driving.
  7. For a daily driver with plans to track it, GT350 or GT?

    And when its not frustration, its anxiety. I've adopted a laissez faire attitude towards it out of necessity, which might not be the smartest but it's how I deal with it being my only car. I'm still able to rationalize it the same way I did when I first bought it. I'm 28, single, debt free...
  8. For a daily driver with plans to track it, GT350 or GT?

    It has 43k miles on it now, about 15k of which I've put on it myself. So far the only reliability issue has been the AC system, which is a common problem. I've needed to replace a leaking AC line and the AC compressor. Aside from that, the piston slap makes me nervous but that's normal as well...
  9. For a daily driver with plans to track it, GT350 or GT?

    I track mine and its my daily, and my only car. It's definitely doable, but I'm not going to lie, it takes a lot of effort and diligence to keep it running tip-top for all scenarios. I honestly think a Mach 1 would probably be more practical for my needs, but I love the Voodoo too much to ever...
  10. All-season tires

    Yeah, those are on the stock base GT350 wheels. no fitment issues, though I suppose the rears are a tiny bit stretched. its not noticeable at all though, and no issues with the tire/wheel fitment on the car mechanically. Here's an old, shitty pic but I think it shows the fitment well
  11. All-season tires

    I'm on Mich AS4s, 285/40/19 squared. I love them. Still have enough grip for spirited driving around town but don't make me nervous in the cold and rain, plus the little bit of extra ground clearance with the 40 sidewall makes it much more daily-able. I have another set of cup2s I use for HPDEs...
  12. Jason Cammisa on the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 [Video]

    HAHAHA wow how had I never seen this?! The Biff was one of my favorite drivers growing up, behind Mark Martin, since they were both driving for Roush. It was fun (albeit a little sad) cheering for him at Daytona this year
  13. Teardown and rebuild Thread: Converting GT350 race motor to CPC

    Maybe I'm naive, but wouldn't an FPC in the typical UDDU configuration fix a lot of these problems? Obviously it's not as simple as that and would require more work than just replacing the crank, but I assume there aren't any aftermarket cranks with the pins in UDDU configuration due to lack of...
  14. What oil temp for warming up?

    I've been dailying mine through the Midwest winter and used black painters tape to cover about 80% of the oil cooler grille. It's been helping a lot on these colder days, though the oil temp still never gets above 200F.
  15. What oil temp for warming up?

    I let it sit until the car goes into low idle (around 800 RPM) before moving, then don't take it over 3500 until it's 140*, then past 6k once it's 190*+. I'm probably overly cautious, but I'd rather be safe than sorry
  16. Daily Driver

    While I personally wouldn't rather have a Mach 1, I do think it's a better daily. My GT350 is currently my only car, so I have no choice but to daily it through the St. Louis winter, and I'm trying to do it as smart as possible (the irony isn't lost on me). Oil consumption is just something you...
  17. Daily Driver

    I daily mine and have a done a few things to make it more daily-able. I got the AutoAuthority spare tire kit and a 2nd set of stock wheels to run all season AS4s in 285/40/19. The larger sidewall helps a ton with ground clearance and the tires eliminate most tramlining. I would never want to...
  18. Massachusetts S197 winter wheel tire package

    I know it's a long shot, but will these fit a GT350 with spacers?
  19. This Day in History - January 27

    Well, it's a lot better than today's "This Day in History"... https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/challenger-explodes
  20. H3929