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  1. New Hampshire Rear Spoiler

    Fumunder.... photo
  2. New Hampshire Coolant Res Cover $20 plus ship

    I am not sure. Try to find on on American muscle or somewhere and then change year and see if it comes up with same one. Just a thought.
  3. New Hampshire 2018 Driierential Yoke

    From a 2018 manual transmission. These differ by year. Please assure this will fit. I believe 2018+ is correct fit, but check yourself. $35.00 + shipping
  4. New Hampshire Coolant Res Cover $20 plus ship

    Coolant res cover. Great shape
  5. New Hampshire Corsa Extream Exhaust

    Corsa Extream Exhaust. 2017 GT takeoff. Has probably 3000 miles on it. Very good condition. Hardware included. Expect $200+ to pack and ship....prefer not to. Around $2000 new. $650.00 plus shipping PS ... you may ask, so for me to get a shipping quote to your house I will have to : 1. Load...
  6. New Hampshire Rear Spoiler

    Rear Spoiler. Excelent condition. Prefer not to ship. I am in Southern New Hampshire. Shipping will be pricey (isn't everything?). $100.00 Text me if you like 6039187294
  7. Road Noise ?

  8. Audio Hell

    I found the offending speaker wire. All fixed. I have no desire to rattle the windows out of the houses as I pass by. So now the stock set-up is just fine for now. I really sounds a great deal better. Perhaps the speakers could not handle the 1000 watts being jammed through them. You could not...
  9. Mustang washed away in flood

    You are all being politically motivated robots. I mean what's wrong with rear louvers?
  10. Audio Hell

    Thanks for the diagrams. The wire code just does not seem to match what I have. It is the RR speaker and what they have as BR/BL .... not even close. I dont have one of those at all. Ill keep at it. It is a pain to redo a pair ..... put back together....test...take apart etc. I appreciate the...
  11. Audio Hell

    I may have asked for help too soon. Internet search is just turning up too much information. And what I have seen does not make sense yet. And that was the 1980's for me (my 20's). Never thought I would be lying on my back on the floor of a mustang in 2023. Although I pulled drivers seat to...
  12. Audio Hell

    I have spent most of the day removing (I will try to post picture) of previous owners "upgrade" to the audio system (it was crap). I am trying to go back to stock. Basically, I had to cut/solder all the speakers back to their factory positions and I missed something. Does anyone have a wire...
  13. Working on a dual intake?

    So my guess is that none of this would be a linear percentage. The computer can now determine temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure (or actual altitude above or below sea level), or density altitude for the pilots out there. Then based on how close that pedal is to the floor (power...
  14. MT82 fluid??

    Glad I checked first...previous owner had already installed SS clutch line.
  15. MT82 fluid??

    Thanks Mrbd...I will look into replacing the clutch line as well.
  16. MT82 fluid??

    I don't know what was in my mt-82, likely stock fluid. 2017 with 16000 miles, but I'm the third owner. I did not notice any shifting issues. I replaced whatever it was with Amsoil, and now I seem to have the "notchyness" most of you speak of. I wonder if the Amsoil is just too thick for the...
  17. What’s that smell?

    This is still bugging me. You have done so much. I had mice get into the heater core area... and do mice things in my F350. That smelled but mice would not invade during a dinner stop. So.... that is not likely. I just throwing this out.....headliner? I hope you find a solution
  18. Rear Axle Leak at Housing

    Nope.....same one. But it is still on the bench. I guess I will order the others and change them.
  19. What’s that smell?

    This was an episode of Sinefeld. Wow....you have done a lot. I wish you the best. I bet someone here may have suggestions but above what you have already tried..... I have not much. Odo ban?
  20. Rear Axle Leak at Housing

    I just tapped two Timkens into mine. I did not do the "buy them all and compair". I also put some sealer around shoulder to aid the Timken orange seal on side. We shall see.