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  1. No more Broken Cylinder Head Camshaft Caps

    Most useful post in this thread yet!
  2. Virginia ID 1300 injectors - new in the box

    Damn, that's great price even with black friday sales! GLWS
  3. Florida 19 Bullitt intake manifold, air intake and fuel system

    Is this intake any different than a standard GT intake?
  4. Help! 2020 Hellion Sleeper Install

    Well, how's the install going?
  5. Help! 2020 Hellion Sleeper Install

    Yes, I didn't like just the one so on the installs I've done I did it the way you see in my pics. I fab a lot of stuff so I tend to have lots of stainless tube around and made my own. It's much easier to do multiple pieces like I did. Once you work thru it all it really is a great kit. Last...
  6. Help! 2020 Hellion Sleeper Install

    Tough to tell from pic but is the hose outlet pointed right at that spacer or is there at least a little room to slip a hose on? Or is that what you mean by not sure how to get the hose on? On the previous plate you would cut the rad hose, insert a piece to reclock it and that was it or that's...
  7. Help! 2020 Hellion Sleeper Install

    The pipes are as far as you think. They are also 2.5" so it helps keep the velocity up from the turbo to the IC. I'd say the pipes from the turbo to the IC are in the 24"-30" range so really not a whole lot more than other installations. The other thing to note is that the hotside is very short...
  8. Help! 2020 Hellion Sleeper Install

    Would you mind posting up the new plate mounted to the engine for future reference. All of the kits I've installed have been with the bigger plates. Jeff & John @ Hellion have always been great to deal with!
  9. California Paxton CARB Supercharger

    Thanks Ryan! Truly one of the easiest transactions I've had from this site yet. He showed up on time, everything was as he listed it, made it a painless purchase. I would definitely buy from him again.
  10. Virginia Kinetic Motorsport Crank Saver Stud

    Hmm, I'll have to see how mine fits into the crank. Thanks for the quick reply+
  11. Virginia Kinetic Motorsport Crank Saver Stud

    Was yours coated blue? Mine just finall showed up and it looks to have blue cerakote on it and wondering how it changed the diameter if at all.
  12. Vermont ID1050X Injectors 2011+ $375 Price Drop

    So did you actually send a payment and these should be posted as sold now?
  13. Michigan Focal 6x9's model 690AC

    Seller was great to deal with, good communication and fast shipping. Thanks again!
  14. Maryland GT500 Throttle Body

    What size is it?
  15. Ohio 6rstager

    Great seller, honest dude, would buy stuff from him again
  16. Georgia $2000 Gt350 voodoo complete cylinder heads

    I am but not for $2k, what's bottom dollar?
  17. Georgia $2000 Gt350 voodoo complete cylinder heads

    Well, not to be a ball buster but then they are not "complete". Complete means that I buy them from you, you ship to me, I bolt onto a block, that's complete.
  18. New Jersey ATI Balancer

    PM sent
  19. Massachusetts Steeda 3 Bolt Water Pump Pulley NIB

    I'll take it, pm sent