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  1. XForce Twin 3" Axle-Back Exhaust System w/Oval Mufflers & Quad Tips ES-FM18-ABS

    I had questions about this muffler, I couldn't find anyone running it, so I bought it.
  2. Boostane Premium vs Boostane Professional

    32oz can of Premium vs. a 16oz can of Professional Boostane I use one can of Premium to a tank (16gal) can I use one can of Professional to a tank with the same results?
  3. Front Wheels Custom Fitment

    2015 GT convertible stock fronts are 9X20 40ET wants to go 11X20 +50 with 305/30r20 Will this work? Thanks
  4. Torsen Question

    Will the differential lock when traveling reverse?
  5. XForce Twin Axle-Back

    Anyone running the X-Force Twin 3" axle back? Wondering how it sounds.
  6. Rear Calipers

    Powerstop doesn't look much different than OEM. Is there really a performance difference between the two? Is there quality control that one has that the other doesn't?
  7. Blackchip Performance

    Anyone have experience with them? Thanks
  8. Sovereign Speed GmbH

    Anyone dealt with this company?
  9. Department of Boost Super Single Upgrade Kit and Intake Manifold

    It's been 3 years but it's finally here. I ordered the DoB Super Single 742cu in 18.5gpm heat exchange system upgrade package and intake manifold/intercooler with heat barrier. I will have this installed this Spring. Initial photos:
  10. Hard Clutch Pedal after Hard Run

    What is a hard run, it's 150mph for ~200 miles. German Autobahn. I've done this several times and each time the clutch pedal is hard. Clutch pedal feel is fine now. Stock clutch. I flush fluid (Castrol SRF) every 2-3 years. My question is this normal?
  11. Hard Clutch Pedal

    Why do I have a hard clutch pedal after a hard run. This is not the first time but I want to make sure it's not something detrimental. What is a hard run, well it's 150 mph for about 200 miles.
  12. Rear Fender Flares

    Anyone running mild (not aggressive) rear finder flares for the 15-17? How's fit and form?
  13. Track Hood w Functioning Vents for 15-17

    I have a Roush hood and don't want to cut it up. There has to be a good functioning hood for the 15-17. Looking at the GT500 style but what is the consensus or the experts say?
  14. GT500 Aluminum Cam/Valve Covers

    I received the covers but didn't get any bolts, should I have received bolts too?
  15. Intercooler Comparison

    Which intercooler is for the Roush set up?
  16. 2022 GT500 Pump Bolt

    Anyone have the part number for the bolts on the pump? I boogered up one of the bolts getting the cover off and would like to replace with a new one. I was installing the Boundary OPG. Thanks
  17. VMP 163r Guys what CAI

    Wondering what CAI you are running on your VMP 163r? Prefer the rear inlet over the front inlet. The JLT doesn't fit, it barely fits the VMP 137.
  18. VMP 137F to 163R TB

    My VMP 137F TB died and I tried to buy a new one but VMP doesn't make the 137F TB anymore. How bad is the drivability of the 163R TB? I have the VMP Gen 3R S/C so it should bolt right up. I know I'll need a retune.
  19. VMP 137 TB

    Did VMP stop making the 137 TB for the 15-17?
  20. OBD2 to RJ45

    The nGauge won't connect so I want to try a new cable. Can I just buy an RJ45 to OBD2 cable?