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  1. BREITLING, ROLEX, TUDOR, OMEGA, anybody into high end watches?

    My Rolex story: While visiting a watch maker in Santa Fe I told him about being at a car event in Texas and seeing, for the first time, gold Daytonas. Everyone was sporting a gold Daytona! I had never even seen one before . . . . Watchmaker says "oh yeah, Texas Timex." Bwahahahahaha
  2. What is the Fastest Speed You Have Reached, and for How Long?

    Mustang 131+ (1/2 mie Pantera 162+ (1.5 miles, 1 mile 152mph) 162 in fourth gear! Never on public roads.
  3. Unwarranted MT82 hate

    Learn to drive, you won't have problems . . . .
  4. Post pictures of your animals

    Ha, One of my felines likes to watch dog agility trials . . .
  5. Formula 1 talk.

    Mr Vettel always seemed to be a gentlman. He did well when the car suited him. I wish him well playing with his family and enjoying life.
  6. PP2?

    Love my PP2! Wouldn't trade it for anything, maybe not even GT500. Handles absolutely flat even a 1G. Super brakes. Anything less is a secretary car.
  7. Formula 1 talk.

    Hobbs and Matchet my favorites. Bring them back!
  8. BREITLING, ROLEX, TUDOR, OMEGA, anybody into high end watches?

    The JLC is a handsome buggar! Can't really beat a Speedmaster!
  9. Formula 1 talk.

    sorry if I started a shit storm. Once again, putin has penis breath and I wouldn't support the russian gp. End of discussion.
  10. Formula 1 talk.

    Let's follow Vettel, cancel Russian GP! Hate to be political, but Putin has penis breath.
  11. SCT BDX Performance Programmer - HELP?

    Please forgive me for being so dumb, I am old . . . I need to disable the top speed limiter, can this be done with this tuner (just a button to toggle?) This is all I need done for now. Any help appreciated!
  12. Still rockin' the factory shift knob?

    Flameball, like it because it lights up (can see what gear I am in at night.) l like the texture, could be bigger.

    Love this thing . . . .
  14. New Mach 1 Comparison Reviews: vs GT (CarExpert) and BMW M4 (Everyday Driver)

    The Everyday Driver guys are douches because they complain about body roll on a car with no options. My PP2 w/ Magnaride has no body roll in track mode. just my opinion.
  15. Let’s See Those Trucks!

    Running the Mojave Magnum, F-250 Tow duties. 460 4 speed, gear vendors OD.
  16. Post pictures of your animals

    Black cats are fun. I have two.