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  1. 2018 Active Exhaust Surgery

    Has anyone cut open a 2018 active exhaust muffler? I'd like to see the baffles and the gasflow path when the inner tip is shut off for a Quiet Mode start.
  2. Rumour: GT350 for OZ

    There's a whisper in the wind at head office this week. Something new and exciting on the Mustang front. Yes it's been denied in the past, however the rumour is that the GT350 is headed downunder. The larger metro dealers are selling a Mustang per day. We're a big fish in the pony pond and...
  3. Kaepernick and Nike

    News travels far and fast. Nice.
  4. Dealers vs Customers.

    A new member posted this in the Bullitt forum today: Congrats to The Rooster. He's apparently a loyal customer....he got the car and some flipper got the Royal Order of the Shaft (assuming here that the other guy wasn't moving his family and new Bullitt to the US). Sure, the dealer can run...
  5. Velossa Tech Big Mouth into Bullitt?

    Close up pic of the Bullitt grille showing just how much of the honeycomb is sealed around the air inlet. It would be interesting to know if/or how much Ford have changed the structure around the GT350 intake behind this new grille and how this would affect a Velossa Tech install....or indeed if...
  6. The Ignore List

    I have a few members here on my Ignore List. For those that are unaware of this important forum feature, click Quick Links above and select Edit Options. Then look to the left and select Edit Ignore List. The Ignore List is a marvelous forum innovation that removes posts by knuckle-dragging...
  7. The Bend, SA.

    My car won't be here until next year, so I'm jumping the gun a little.....but what do you think about a track day/weekend in sunny South Australia? The new (ex-Chrysler Australia proving grounds) racetrack at Tailem Bend looks ace. I think it'd be fun. https://www.thebend.com.au/
  8. 2018 Mustang GT Redline - 7400 or 7500?

    Definition of Redline - the maximum safe speed, power, etc. of an engine, usually indicated by a red line or mark on a gauge, as a tachometer. - a recommended safety limit : the fastest, farthest, or highest point or degree considered safe; also...
  9. Bullitt in forum index header.

    Hey Admins/Mods, I note that the Bullitt isn't in the forum index header at the top of the page, but the non-existent S550 Mach 1 (or for that matter, GT500) is. Time for an update, maybe?? Thanks :).
  10. 2018 Mustang GT Underbelly.

    Nice pic of the underside details. Note the new for 2018 composite oil pan and yellow drain plug.
  11. Bullitts at Goodwood.

    This would be nice to see. It's first international outing. Steve's car leading the new Bullitt up Goodwood Hill. You lucky lucky bastards. https://www.motor1.com/news/250797/original-bullitt-mustang-goodwood-debut/
  12. Oz Spec 2018 GT Dyno results.

    Well known local Ford tuner/modifier/manufacturer Rob Herrod has put both automatic and manual 2018 GT's on the dyno. Very impressive results....306kW (410hp) at the hubs for the ten speed auto, and 315kW (422hp) for the six speed manual, up 50 plus kW on the earlier model. Clearly the...
  13. 2019 Bullitt 1320ft time?

    I find it hard to believe that the new Bullitt hasn't been run somewhere down the quarter mile. Yeah, it'll take a little longer to complete the task than a 10A GT....but we don't care. C'mon already, release the video of the green dream!
  14. The argument for/against the 2018 Mustang.

    So, no 2018 Mustangs released yet...probably July. The 2019 cars will be here in October/November. It's possible that the 2018 Mustang will be on sale in Australia for as little as three months. The RHD oil cooler issue is (as far as we know) unresolved. The aircond issue is ongoing. There are...
  15. Dark Forum Skin Option?

    Hi Jarstang, Many prefer darker forum skins (on the forum at night, light sensitivity, etc)....any chance we could have a dark forum skin option like this one? Thanks :) http://www.vbstyles.com/bluefox-3x-vbulletin-style-i10.html