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  1. Model of your Convertible

    Has anyone found a model of your S550 convertible? Been looking and haven't found anything.
  2. Look under back seat

    Has anyone looked under the back seat? What are those two rubber diaphragm looking items? Has a wire connected to them too. These are on a vert, so is that different?
  3. Boom Box sound at lower speeds

    New 2022 GT vert. Stock. Twice driven. First time noticed faint boom box sound at lower speeds, usually when auto trans is shifting, didn't think much of it. Today went for around town drive (weather finally better) and wife noticed it too. I made an appt with the dealer for a "ride a...
  4. Convert boot side cover panel

    Got these cover panels from Fleabay. Did not come with any instructions. Trying to figure out how this gets installed. Just now noticed listed for up to 2021. Mine is 2022. Maybe there was a change? Anyway, was just trying to make a smoother look and hide that gap when top is down. Any...
  5. Oregon NEW Lug Nuts, OEM - just lowered the price today

    Complete set OEM chrome lug nuts taken off my new Mustang with 17 miles. $20.00. Kinda heavy, so I don't know what shipping charges would be from Oregon. But, give me a call (541)580-1988. I might even ship free. Oh heck, this is getting old. Just make me an offer.
  6. Oregon NEW Wheel Locks Chrome McGard - just lowered price today

    Brand new wheel locks taken off my new Mustang with 17 miles. Came with the car. Only asking $20.00 and I'll ship for free from Oregon. Give me a call (541)580-1988
  7. Oregon NEW MGP Brake Caliper Covers Just lowered the price today

    Brand new, never been used, still in original box. Part number 10200S. Fits 2015-2022 Mustangs. Original list price $286.00. Yours for $150.00 and I'll ship from Oregon to you free. Easy install you can see on Youtube. I don't do PayPal. Just send me a check or money order and I'll ship...
  8. Happy Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day to all you vets out there and thanks for your service. From one vet to another. RMC (Ret) U.S.N.
  9. Resonator

    Does anyone know if the resonator mixes the exhaust gases from the two sides or is it straight through? Also how much louder when resonator is replaced with an H pipe or X pipe?